Tuesday, June 30, 2009

nuff said


  1. Aww shit there goes my career as a poet accentuating the negative.

  2. Now hold on. Without negatives, there'd be no positives...so you're ok WM. Sorry to piss on Bette & Bing's parade and all.

    Although it is about accenting the positive, as opposed to the negative, so in that sense it is recognizing the fact that the negative exists...and that does turn the pissing part in another direction. Why do you have to complicate things so damned early in the morning Punch?

  3. I love this....good for a Tuesday morning when I'm trying to stay positive

  4. Jadedj explained my quandry with your thesis.

  5. Let me thank all ya'll for being so positive about the whole thing.
    Walking M... you spoke about the negative impact on your career as a negative poet, that makes a positive and that is a good thing.
    jadedj... talked about negatives, and positives, the very essence of traditional photography, that is a good thing. Pissing is a good thing early in the morning, i have too much respect for Bette to piss in her direction, complicated things piss some folks off, and that is a good thing.
    Peach T... There ya go, that's the spirit.
    E of the R... you are lucky this morning, s o m e t i m e s his 'splanin' is tooo Lucy goosey.

  6. Listen pal, you keep my goose out of it!


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