Monday, September 17, 2012

An incomplete thought. 9/15/2012

“So I’m sitting there on the group W bench, with painters, ya know Artist sitting chatting with other painters, chit chat, chit chat, saying you have to paint like the paint is free.

(Yeah big whoop, it ain’t , Jack)

And they nod a knowing know and look concerned and feel for their brethren.

Well I’m here to offer hope for the young ones,

Just a few verses.

3.14 Paint like you stole it. (They can’t take it back.  Ahem, Be prepared to pay restitution.)

6.20 Paint like They will steal it! (You can track them by the wet paint)

4.17 Paint like Ayn Rand is coming to verify your bona fides! (Every Republican within walking distance will come to visit.) (Oh and you will go to jail, with a fine.))

Speddy Gonzales Says…  “They don’t make pussy cats like they used to.”


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