Sunday, June 24, 2012

Punch Brothers (no relation) - A Musical Interlude. 6/24/12

Sunday Morning.
It is raining here in South Florida.
We are lookin' for upwards of 6" of God's rising tide.
But we can hold it all. Bring it.
 (well except for the damn leak, I meant to fix last year.
Damnit to hell, but hey, it's only once a year.

I would suggest setting down with a cup of your choice and
just hear these cats (they used to say 'gone cats' back in the day).
They are playing J. S. Bach! Note for Note!!
(He is a Famous Dead Guy!)

These gone cats
are full on.
(just my opinion, i could be wrong)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stuttgart, (6/11/12) third desultory group of photographs. 6.21.12

Photographs of the Library in Stuttgart, 

with a couple of lead ins.

Now, I ask you do the letters on the left
 form a word, different, from the letters on the right?
Has someone absconded with the first letter on the left?
Has someone added a letter to the word on the right?
Beats me.

What can I say?

The following are of the Library in Stuttgart.
die Bibliothek or maybe die Bucherei
Say what??

The Library of Stuttgart.
Le Magnifique. 

In Germany.  This is the Word for Science Fiction

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stuttgart (shot june 11, 2012) a second desultory grouping of photos.

My dear friend, mentor and royal pain JadedJ seemed to be bitchin' 'bout me not taking enough photos of Stuttgart.  So it seems that in order to accommodate his boring lame ass I have to post like a son of a bitch.  Well my mother was a wonderful loving woman and certainly not a bitch, it just appears that on occasion I seem to impersonate one.  But I digress.

Photos from Stuttgart with comments...

Make no mistake Stuttgart is the Home of Mercedes.

That symbol shown just above is the vertical line at the top of the train station.  
The vertical tower in the center distance.
It rotates and is lighted.
Porsche is just down the road a piece. 

What a city park is all about.

die Kirche
the crane is every where. this town is growing.

You want Bruschetta?

You talkin' to me?

Even the women are bigger than life in Stuttgart.

A line drawing I found very nice.  
It was etched in the glass in das Rathaus.

They say it right out loud.  
This is the government building sign. 

Yo, JJ seems like that want the schmuck to call home.

It was closed.  
But my money is on a nice Martini just beyond the locked door.

I told you the women were bigger than life.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stuttgart June 2012. A desultory grouping of photographs.

I spent an afternoon in Stuttgart.  
Very nice city.
Very open and welcoming.

Herr Vuitton, das Fraulein?

Yeah Buddy:  the Business of Beauty.

The Art Museum, Stuttgart.  Sir James Frazer Stirling, Architect.

That Glass Block in the back ground is the Art Museum. 
(ahem, yo, by Jimmy Stirling)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jesus H. Christ 6/1/2012

So I was talking to friend the other day and I was 'splanin' something or other and I said, for emphasis "Jesus H. Christ"!  She then asked "what does the H. stand for? 
I was bumfuzzeled.  What does it stand for?  
Please leave all comments for the world to understand the origin of this most revered of prayers.


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