Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stuttgart, (6/11/12) third desultory group of photographs. 6.21.12

Photographs of the Library in Stuttgart, 

with a couple of lead ins.

Now, I ask you do the letters on the left
 form a word, different, from the letters on the right?
Has someone absconded with the first letter on the left?
Has someone added a letter to the word on the right?
Beats me.

What can I say?

The following are of the Library in Stuttgart.
die Bibliothek or maybe die Bucherei
Say what??

The Library of Stuttgart.
Le Magnifique. 

In Germany.  This is the Word for Science Fiction


  1. 1. answer: b. (when will we get the results?)

    2. enuff said

    3-5: a sort of squared off Guggenheim.
    Electronic books...kiss my arse!

    4. thank you for the translation.

    1. 1. Spot On. (you just did)
      2. Spot On.
      3. Spot On.
      4. sin Problema.
      5. Yeah, Buddy…

  2. First thingy: shows Krauts ain't perfect after all (can't believe you caught that)
    Second thingy: Ugly ass billboards are still ugly no matter where they are.
    Third through five thingy: squared off Guggenheim but great photographs
    Sixth thingy: Lots of empty shelf space. I guess this place was built before the iPad was invented

    1. 1irst thingy: God Loves me!
      2econd thingy: Even LadyBird Johnson could not change that.
      3hird through 5ifth thingy:

      Danke schon.

      6ixth thingy: The shelves wait for the Next Generation of writers
      with the science
      to generate fiction
      that springs the mind forward.

  3. Looks like a set for a way-in-the-future Raiders of the Lost Arkade movie.
    Being a fan of all things linear, I like it.

    1. Thanks Doug. It is a hypnotic space.


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