Friday, April 30, 2010

Nawlaen's Tittie Bars (part 4)

For the record! Bars Close in New Orleans. Sometime between 4 am and 9 am. The sanitation crews drive by with sweepers and sanitizing solution about 7 am.
I finally understood why,
if one stood at a certain
spot behind a curtain
a Jerkin
would offer a girl for your pleasure.
Hell one guy even offered to shine my shoes! (no kidding) (While I was with the girl. She was cute!)
Well on Sunday morning, in the big easy, it all became clear.
Dang, I could have had a V8!
Anyway, here are a few photographs of Bourbon Street on Sunday morning.
Nice place to visit.

Keep you hand on your wallet.
Oh yeah, by the way, I realize Tittie bars is not the correct wording, but Hey, I'm old school.
Gentleman's clubs is a better way to bring them in. Or so I've heard.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Fresh Hell, is This! Just Say NO

I'll get back to N.O. soon, been working on the sex joints. I'm not too sure about the reception i will get.
But while edging my yard this morning and picking up after the Hernando De Soto Parade last evening, a thought came to be about just saying no. I was saying no to myself about swearing at the revelers for leaving empty beer cups, and half empty sport drink bottles, and bags and such. Then I realized this is a part of the bliss of living a block away from the parade, that life brings one's way. So while reveling in No, to my misguided judgemental point of view, I thought of 'Just Say No'. and Dear Nancy, look how I gaze at the president, Reagan. Turns out that is all she knows. NO Pun. Gazing into the face of the President. Current included.
This little bit of research has lead to a bit better understanding of Nancy R. and how saying No is contagious.

Anyway Looking up Just Say No, and understanding that the Republican Party has fully embraced the Nancy, doe eyed, Reagan, I was curious as to just when it went viral. It has infected all leaders of all the parties for the past 25 years. Perhaps a new generation will...nah...

Most times Ideals, political in particular, begin much like a beautiful woman, and all are in love with her. Time passes and now she is an old, sunken, wrinkled husk creeping toward the grave and no one can accept that reality. Such is life.

The analogy works for a handsome man, think Rock Hudson.


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