Sunday, April 4, 2010

One Phat Chick

What Fresh Hell, Comes Now?
For those who?Whom? just came over from Mr. Charleston's site, I offer the followings. (sic)
Take a walk on the wild side. Visit that site highlighted above.
After your stroll, well, now you might be able to understand, His attraction to Popsicle toes.

JenJen said:
to wit:
(I sound 'simple') but two things:
1. The chunky lady statue has very dainty toes for having an ass the size of Michigan.
2. That lamp shade is crooked. Bugging me.

Number Two thing: ...Oh. K. The lamp shade was placed in that condition by Mr Charleston, as he was reading a rare racing mazigine article about Danica Patrick actually being a vampire, back from the dead to drive open wheel cars behind male chauvinists. It has to do with Katheryn Legg and Cha Cha Muldowney and a long weekend at Solomon's Castle.

Anyway here is the full figure of the toes.

This is one phat broad, at the Museum of Fine somethingorother.
I can see why my work is not displayed.

She smokes outdoors and has bronze nips.
Ok, ok, everybody over here, that wants see the phat chic, $16 US, a pop.
Step right up.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em
The line is forming fast.
Don't shove, no pushin' now, room for all.
Step right up folks, just $16 US, for a trip into the inter sanctum of the museum.
See the Fat Lady, Now.

Step Right UP.

Oh Kay. Mr. Chuck and Punchenellia went down the road apiece and bought 4 bloody Marys for the price of two (2) tickets to see the fat lady in the Carnival.

By the way, that phat chic had lost a lot of weight by the time we walked back past her perch.


  1. well, another grand tour!
    this is a phenomenon in its own right, and I appreciated the shot of the toes.

    As with much publicly displayed art, I am never sure what it is I am supposed to " get", besides ripped off, most of the time. It is somewhat refreshing to see a female body that is not just another cookie cutter barbie, but I'm not sure if excessive displays of pulchritude are helpful for anything healthy.
    things around your place are never dull!

  2. I bet that the commission paid by the pound and not by the completed pieces value as art.

  3. Ummm... looks like a Monte Christo to me. Or is it, dare I say.... A Punch? Ha ha, Ho ho, He he.

  4. Since Punch is AWOL, yes Intelli, Botero. He had a show there. We were too cheap to go in.

  5. Thanks, Mr. C -- I thought I recognized the style.

  6. Ahem!~...I was not cheap! I made rational decisions as to the proper expenture of alloted cash, unlike Congress.
    Intelli...Botero the artist that made this beautiful hunk of Bronze.
    Walkin' are correct he was paid by the pounds of bronze used. Well, plus a bit for 'mother'.
    All...the Monte Christo or is it dare I say a Punch, is an inside joke for cigar smokers.
    BTW...Mr. Chuck and I were called out for smokin' cigars outside a Cigar Bar!
    Say What???
    It is the Desoto Festival and there are at least 1000 drunk people on the street and we are sitting (seats hard to come by) nursing a beer: SMOKING a cigar and your (ones) little Miss 50Something, princess turns up her nose and waves her hand to disperse the air???
    I don't think so. Mr Chuck, wave back.
    (YO Intelli, very close to a Thelma moment. (but I digress))
    It was the mother of bronze I was speaking of, with adoration.
    Intelli...please offer spellin' and grammer corrections at will. I'm planning to offer this as a position paper for my Doctoral in BS at the University of Florida. I hope to matriculate in the fall. Mom said I would go blind if I did that. But I have done it twice and I even made the Dean's list and Cum Laude. (chukle) (but i digress)
    I belive i was Kickin' Mr. Chuck's ass, might have missed.

  7. started the ball rollin'. Pulchritude, yes ma'am. Pulchritude.
    Please come back, you bring an energy that is rare.

  8. "...went down the road apiece and bought 4 bloody Marys for the price of two (2)". Twice.

    I think this explains everything, folks.

  9. Ok, Oh was four (4) bloody marys for $32 US and four (4) tickets (general admission and paddock two (2) each) for $20 US. (See you did not know that!) We could has sat and drank all afternoon, after what we saved, but we wanted to get to the car before (B4) the rain begin to lay down inches of water, (") much the size of your dick. (JJ) Anyway we had a nice drive around town awaiting the rain to stop (it did not) then home to the couch. The tickets are in my collection of racing memorabilia. The bloody are a part of history.
    BTW...I'm still pissed about the lamp shade, Mr. Chuck is a (fill in the blank)

  10. I do not appreciate you talking to my wife regards the rain, pal.


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