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What Fresh Hell?

Can you spell Conferenece?

Priceless: 'English-Only' Supporters Hold Conference, Can't Spell 'Conference'
Posted by Lee Fang, Think Progress at 12:00 PM on June 22, 2009.
Speaking under a misspelled banner, right-wingers who want to make English the official language of the U.S. showed no sense of irony.

On Saturday, Pat Buchanan hosted a conference to discuss how Republicans can regain a majority in America. During one discussion, panelists suggested supporting English-only initiatives as a prime way of attracting "working class white Democrats." The discussion ridiculed Judge Sotomayor for the fact that she studied children’s classics to improve her grammar while attending college. The panelists also suggested that, without English as the official language, President Obama would force Americans to speak Spanish.
One salient feature of the event was the banner hanging over the English-only advocates. The word conference was spelled “Conferenece.” View it here:

Say What?

After yesterday's mistakes and finding a bit of the wrath of God, I was sent to the corner as predicted by jadedj, and, as it turns out Walking Man must have gotten through with his prayer request. The tarts over at the Waiting on Jesus Towers were deeelicious but ended up being a bit of a last supper. Might have eaten more if I had know that, then.

Well there was this cheerful chap who lead us all in a sing along.

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Let the Dead, bury the Dead.

Luke 9:59-60
59) But he said to him, 'Lord, let me first go and bury my father.'
60) But he said to him, 'Leave the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.'

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What Fresh Hell?

Columbia, SC -- Governor Mark Sanford has admitted having an affair with what he calls a "dear, dear friend."

In an emotional press conference, was actually just the latest part of the extramarital affair.

The two-term governor said the relationship developed within the last year, and he says it began as an innocent friendship. Sanford says he met the woman a little over eight years ago. "Let me apologize to my wife Jenny and my four boys for letting them down," Sanford told reporters. "I have let them down in a profound way."

Sanford says the relationship sparked just over a year ago, and that they had been together on at least three occasions.

First Lady Shit for Brains responses:
A) didn't know where her husband was for Father's Day.
B) "I am being a mom today.
C) I have not heard from my husband.
D) I am taking care of my children."

Govenor Shit for Brains responses:
1)he created a fiction with regards to where he was going down.
2)he let the people of South Carolina down.
3)"Sin is in fact grounded in this notion of what you want,"
4)"This is selfishness on my part."
5)he'll be working to reconcile with his wife, but They are living in separate locations.
6)he will be asking for forgiveness for weeks and months.
7)he spent the last five days in Argentina crying his heart out.
8)he will resign as the head of the Republican Governor's Association,
9)if he'd resign as governor Wednesday, he did not answer.
10)said he's been in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
11)he was alone during the trip,
12)he was not alone.
13)governor was hiking along the Appalachian Trail.

This guy belives in family values.

Oh by the Way


Now everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Instead of saying. "Why is this happening to me? Isn't this awful.
Poor me", begin to say, "What do I have to learn from this?"
There is something in the tellin' that makes most want to read. Like, the more sad the story is the more copies of the book one could will sell. It's all about more more more. Ya know like the Fox KNews, and like that there. It's like when they axe you to hate your answer must be;

"when you ask how much do i give, they say more, more, more. "

Well I'm not a fortunate son, but I do try to learn from it all. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to learn. Like, when i hear any politician talk... or some preachers preach, or some singers sing, and some parents talk about their children, hell, the way some parents talk to their children. I just have to wonder what are we to learn from all this, let alone what the children are learning.

To learn something is not as much fun as being the victim. Ah the victim, oh woe is me, poor me. so on and so forth. Don't have a point here, just a point of view.

What do ya'll think?

How about a photo?

S.E. county road 234, Micanopy, Florida

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The Right Reverend Punch

Hallelujah it is the 21st of June!!! 2009

OK OfuckingK!!! Just where the fuck are those guys and gals, who said it would all end in 2000 because of bill, ahhhhh, Gates! No Monte it was Clinton! No door number three! Hillary! no Dillary! no Doc!. Or was it the goddamned bible prophecy by Jimmy whatsit, Ohh!!! yeah!! H'it was Dopey.
Just who and how many really did run up the clock that day.
Never mind.

I get to take a bath, wash away the toils and troubles of all this world.

Who cares about Motors racing and swatted flies, and fixed elections, fuck 'em all, this should be about fathers and mothers and joy and bliss and peace and doves and trees and life everlasting and so on and so forth and so and so and so and so and sow and sew and so and so.

Yeah and all like that there!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Five Pound Bass

OK Folks, it's show time. We gotta live one on...

Qualifying is going on as I write this post. As you may have read in the comments of yesterdays post there is a wide range of interest to this writers enthusiasm for F1 Racing. One reader takes the view point of the governing body, and views the breakaway teams as spoiled Richies. Another, with a overarching view of the politics and mechanics of motor cars has clearly stated the essence of the conflict, and walks away in disgust counting his money. Alas the third is mired in boredom yet willing, to forgo personal angst, to figure out what drives this writer to such lenghts. To help the bored I have offered enlightenment in the form of letters in red.
The following extract is taken for F1.com

Formula One as we know it seems set to pull itself into two opposing and competing factions, we take a look at the pros and cons of two very differing championships. While fans (me) and pundits (all ya'll) alike have fierce views one way or another with many looking at the carnage in the US open wheel racing scene as the Indy Racing League went against the might of CART, there really is no parallel to the situation facing Formula One and FOTA at the moment. To put the CART issue to bed once and for all - as I doubt the likes of Damon Hill or Eddie Irvine (F1 cats) know Chris Pook (who?) from a hole in the wall - the newly formed IRL had the golden ticket in the Indy 500 ..., but as a spec-series, it was doomed. (wtf?) The situation here is very different and a new series as well as an old series could co-exist. Couldn’t they?
The case for a FOTA championship..., the eight members of the Formula One Teams Association announced their intention to form a breakaway championship and no longer compete in the FIA Formula One World Championship from 2010. ...no reason to doubt that they will fail to follow through their actions and will race in a new series in 2010, especially when considering that the car manufacturers themselves promised support. The reasons behind the breakaway are numerous, .... Money of course also play a factor. The straw that broke the camel’s back - so to speak -(jadedj no animals are used in the production of motor racing) has been the insistence from the FIA that a budget cap of €45m (US $62m) be introduced for next season. (walking M this is them in your pocket) Many of the top teams and FOTA members spend many times that level and such reductions would result in massive staff reductions. I won’t get into the decision making process or the reasons behind it, (jj this is your point) but instead what can be gained by the FOTA eight breaking away from the FIA Formula One World Championship. (Mr C this is your point) As it stands, roughly half of the revenues generated by the sport go to the commercial rights holder and half go to the teams. CVC Capital Partners, a global private equity firm, purchased the commercial rights to Formula One in late 2005 with the deal given the green light early the following year. To make things simple, (see JJ we love you) effectively CVC purchased the rights from Bernie Ecclestone and his collection of companies. Ecclestone had previously purchased the commercial rights from the FIA for a 100-year period. Now the precise details regarding the financing of the deal is complex and tedious, (jj, see we all know it is boring) but CVC borrowed the reported two billion plus US dollars ($ 2,000,000,000,000.00, walking M is right) to purchase the rights to the series. Bernie Ecclestone was retained as CEO at CVC and remained in control of the sport he had nurtured and developed. (Hey wait a minute I thought FIA was in charge?) Now with massive debt to pay, CVC (who the fuck are they?) needed Ecclestone to go out there and make some serious money. New venues with state (whatdafuc? state funding?? yo Mr. C are in favor of state funded motor racing?) funding willing to pay top rate for a Grand Prix were given the nod by Ecclestone as the series began its drift away from its traditional heartlands of Europe and North America, to new venues in the Far East.(Hey wait a minute) The teams meanwhile were dismayed when first the United States and then Canada disappeared off the Formula One calendar with both unable to meet the increasing financial demands put forward by Ecclestone and his sanctioning fee ‘escalator’. The new series, FOTA (FOTA, Formula One Teams Association, sorry JJ) dominated by the car manufacturers, would be able to select the markets that are important to them and would undoubtedly look to the North American markets. They would have plenty of choices in terms of circuits with Indianapolis and Montreal prime targets as well as former Grand Prix venues such as Imola, Estoril, and Mexico City able to cater to their needs. Silverstone is and Hockenheim could soon be available too.
Another advantage for the new series is that they would be able to create their own rules ... (rules Mr. JadedJ, rules) In other words, they would be completely in control of their own destiny. If FOTA found that fans preferred turbo charged four cylinder engines to the current frozen V8 engines, they would be free to make the change. (more work Walking M) If they wanted to push forward with four wheel drive technology as well as ‘green’ initiatives, they would be free to do so – assuming a collective agreement. One way to start a new series quickly is to purchase an existing series.... Of course fans would determine the success of any new series as would world-wide television revenues, but there are plenty of reasons as to why a new series could get under way and indeed thrive.

The case for the FIA championship. (Mr. C.'s point of view, Walking M's point of view, this is boring JJ, but builds a case for another type of open wheel racing to fill the gap left by the IRL)
(OH! by the way, F1 and FIA are spreading a rumor about Danica coming to F1, yeah buddy, bitches in the drivers seat, but i digress) With Honda pulling the plug on their Formula One programme (that's the way they spell program, what's with that? see two extra letters and the ink to print and the space on the page and the extra pages and so and so and so, but i digress) last year, the FIA and the commercial rights holder finally woke up to the fact that the series was in danger of running out of teams. This was largely their own doing with various barriers to entry put up over the last decade including the ludicrous ‘bond’ that had to be filed with the governing body (now wait a minute, is the Bernie or the FIA or those CVC guys? wtf?) in order to even enter the sport. From actively discouraging new entrants a few years ago, the FIA has made a huge about-turn and is now welcoming the independent teams into the series with advance funding from Ecclestone (where is he getting the money? he is 2 billion US, in the pocket?) and the commercial rights holder, plus caps on expenditure. Formula One has global television coverage and races at the newest – if not finest nor grandstand-filled – circuits in the world. It enjoys enormous media coverage and according to CVC Capital, brings in over two billion US dollars a year in revenues. (where does this money go, i'm with Walking M on this one) ... With a cap on expenditure in place, the television revenue alone could – in simplistic terms - support a team with sponsorship becoming something of a bonus.The FIA could continue to create the rules for the championship without the interference from the teams while CVC could continue to pay back debt (pay back debt? why are they in debt? these guys are rich, hell, nations pay them to race) and should the series prove popular with the new entrants, look to push forward the long-hoped for floatation of the series on the stock markets. (Great, now the stock market is going to buy this shit, next thing we know Bernie will be blaming Obama for the whole mess, Walking M is damn close to the mark) The series would return to its roots with teams that only exist for racing competing for top honours and perhaps arguably, less of a major marketing exercise for the car giants. (what are these guys drinking? the market is going to buy stocks backed by motor heads, Walking M is right) All of the above being said...Of course, there is also the question of fan loyalty: established teams having world-renowned drivers are by far a bigger attraction. In the short term FOTA will have that, while F1 might be fielding a 13-team field including 11 new outfits mostly unknown to the world. From a fan's point of view, without forgetting the tedium (this is for you JJ) caused by the constant politicking within F1, a new fresh start might be the thing needed to concentrate on racing as a sport and spectacle before anything else. And for those fans, (this is for you Mr. C) who now see the possibility of seeing a major new open-wheel series returning to popular venues left behind by F1 – instead of state -funded destinations where grandstands are either more than half-empty, covered under canvas or supplemented by off-duty soldiers in civilian clothing – the choice might be an easy one to make.

Perhaps it really is time for a change?

We need a change.

Perhaps Waylon said it best.

Friday, June 19, 2009

RE: Writing the F1 Rules

This has be edited for the bored:
I must apologize for calling them candy assed.

Maybe Ray Wylie Hubbard has a theme song for them to use, in the interim.

In the dead of Thursday night in England, the eight Formula One Teams' Association members issued a statement announcing that a breakaway world championship will be formed. The announcement came on the eve of the FIA's Friday deadline for making unconditional entries for the official Formula One series, and amid the sides' deadlocked negotiations about income, governance and rules. "The FIA and the commercial rights holder have campaigned to divide FOTA," the statement read. "The wishes of the majority of the teams are ignored. "Furthermore, tens of millions of dollars have been withheld from many teams by the commercial rights holder, going back as far as 2006." The statement was issued on behalf of BMW, Brawn, Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Toyota and the two Red Bull owned teams. ... The details of the new series, including a name, circuits and starting year, have not yet been announced. At present its grid would feature 16 cars, unless the eight involved teams each field three drivers. ...the FIA and President Max Mosley, has already vowed to legally challenge the defection of teams, and any attempts to negotiate with his contracted promoters and TV broadcasters. The inclusion on the breakaway series of loved venues including Monaco, Spa and Monza will therefore be contested, ...

FOTA statement in full “Since the formation of FOTA last September the teams have worked together and sought to engage the FIA and commercial rights holder, to develop and improve the sport. “Unprecedented worldwide financial turmoil has inevitably placed great challenges before the F1 community. FOTA is proud that it has achieved the most substantial measures to reduce costs in the history of our sport. “In particular the manufacturer teams have provided assistance to the independent teams, a number of which would probably not be in the sport today without the FOTA initiatives. The FOTA teams have further agreed upon a substantial voluntary cost reduction that provides a sustainable model for the future. “Following these efforts all the teams have confirmed to the FIA and the commercial rights holder that they are willing to commit until the end of 2012. “The FIA and the commercial rights holder have campaigned to divide FOTA. “The wishes of the majority of the teams are ignored. Furthermore, tens of millions of dollars have been withheld from many teams by the commercial rights holder, going back as far as 2006. Despite this and the uncompromising environment, FOTA has genuinely sought compromise. “It has become clear however, that the teams cannot continue to compromise on the fundamental values of the sport and have declined to alter their original conditional entries to the 2010 World Championship. “These teams therefore have no alternative other than to commence the preparation for a new Championship which reflects the values of its participants and partners. This series will have transparent governance, one set of regulations, encourage more entrants and listen to the wishes of the fans, including offering lower prices for spectators worldwide, partners and other important stakeholders. “The major drivers, stars, brands, sponsors, promoters and companies historically associated with the highest level of motorsport will all feature in this new series.”

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What Fresh Hell?

Father's day is coming on.

Let's all review now. Takes two to tango, ergo, no fathers without mothers,

Question: pay attention, it is tricked out.

What kind of offspring do you think this father had with this mother?
perhaps it could have been worded differently.

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Out of the Blue

A comment to one of my recent posts, caused my memory to pass over that part of my brain that stored this little joy of gospel music.

Composed by a song writer that lives in Southwest Florida, whom? who? has very large cojones.

While the language is a bit south of good taste, the theology is sound.

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New Header

My hat is off to jadedj. For a guy with such a name he does not appear to be jaded. I use to think the J stood for jerk, but he is not a jerk. Then maybe Joker, but the jokes aren't jaded. Ok Jackass, nahhh a jackass does not love his family. Jurist, no this guy is not prudent. Jesus, maybe, but he would have it pronounced Hey! Zeus. Anyway I was looking at intelliwench's site http://intelliwench.blogspot.com/ and was really impressed with her new header. I made a joke about having him do one for me, sos i like contacted him and said how much i liked it. well he is a trusting soul and sent this header to me for criticism. After a conversation in which I gave him many brilliant ideas for HIS header...and I promptly confiscated it.
Now I really hope that part about Hey! Zeus is not correct, really I do, Really.
Oh by the way. jadedj's blog is Banquet of Consequences Too see it at http://jadedj-banquetofconsequencestoo.blogspot.com/

So lets recount. In the last 24 hours I have made God laugh, Jesus talk with his mouth full and ripped off a jaded something. Our work is done here Tonto.

HI, Oh! Silver? Away.

What Fresh Hell?


So here is the straight and skinny.

I like the photo and it was taken in a public place, but a license plate number is just too tempting for some not to screw around with. Soooo I thought about how to mask it and god whispered "use the last supper, hit'll be funny".

That WWJD thing was my idea.

Turns out J was in an upper room that overlooked where god hears prayers. He, J, was eating a peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich. He said 'thathhh anitthh funnnneeyy'! God said "run boy" I did.
Boy Howdy!

Hope nothing bad happens.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

It ain't over till it's over.

Friday saw the world of F1 on the verge of losing the majority of its established names with the eight members of the Formula One Teams Association promising to continue their fight against the new regulations imposed by FIA President Max Mosley, set to come into effect next year.

With the possibility of a FOTA-launched breakaway series increasing as a likely scenario, a series which would feature car manufacturers and well-known drivers while F1 presents a majority of new and mostly unknown entrants, the European Automobile Manufacturer's Association (ACEA) has decided to throw its full weight behind the 'rebel' teams.
"Today, the members of the Board of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association discussed the current situation prevailing in Formula One, and have concluded that the current governance system cannot continue," the ACEA press release begins."ACEA has come to the conclusion that the FIA needs a modernised and transparent governance system and processes, including the revision of its constitution, to ensure the voice of its members, worldwide motorsport competitors and motorists are properly reflected.""The ACEA members support the activities and objectives of the Formula One Teams Association to establish stable governance, clear and transparent rules which are common to all competitors to achieve cost reductions including a proper attribution of revenues to the F1 teams, in order to deliver a sustainable attractive sport for the worldwide public," the statement reads.

It ain't over till it's over.

"In response to the erroneous statement made today by FIA, the Formula One Teams Association wishes to underline that the entries of all its members - excluding the temporarily suspended Force India and Williams - have been submitted to the FIA as conditional entries," a statement began."The entries to the 2010 FIA F1 Championship submitted by BMW Sauber, BrawnGP, Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull Racing, Renault, Toro Rosso and Toyota were based upon conditions that have still yet to be met."

What Fresh Hell?

Candy ASS.

After weeks of speculation, the sport’s governing body today published the much-anticipated entry list for the 2010 season which does feature the 'rebel' Formula One teams. However, the struggle for power in the sport is far from over.Entries for next season had to be submitted by May 29th and a number of potentially new teams took the opportunity of promised lower budgets and filed entries along with incumbents Williams and Force India. The Formula One Teams’ Association however also submitted a block ‘conditional’ entry with demands that the 2009 regulations carry over into next season. In addition the team alliance requested that the Concorde Agreement – the commercial contract that ties the FIA, Formula One Management and the teams together – be signed off by today. Differences regarding FIA President Max Mosley's budget capping plans were also on the table. Today the FIA published the entry list and it does feature Williams and Force India as expected, as well as Ferrari and the two Red Bull-owned teams. The FIA claim that the latter three teams have an agreement already in place to race in the series next season, something disputed by the teams themselves.In addition, the other five FOTA members (McLaren Mercedes, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota and Brawn GP) have been granted a place on the 2010 calendar provided the demands placed on the FIA are either settled or dropped by next Friday."These five teams have submitted conditional entries," a statement from the governing body read. "The FIA has invited them to lift those conditions following further discussions to be concluded not later than close of business on Friday 19 June."In addition to the incumbent teams, Campos Grand Prix, Manor Grand Prix and the US F1 Team have each been granted one of the 13 available slots on the 2010 grid, all with Cosworth power.As predicted by many, the ball is now back in FOTA's court and they now have the choice of dropping their demands on the FIA, reaching an agreement between all parties, or leaving the series and forming their own championship."The maximum number of cars permitted to enter the 2010 Championship has been increased to 26, two being entered by each competitor," indicated the FIA statement.

"Pending completion of the discussions referred to above, further due diligence is currently taking place on other potential entries."In other words, the FIA is keeping additional new teams on hand in case the 'rebel' teams decide to leave Formula One. If any vacancies should appear, they will therefore be quickly filled.Ferrari, Red Bull and Toro Rosso meanwhile will be again consulting with their respective lawyers to see if the FIA do in fact have a standing contract for them to race in 2010.Ferrari has issued a statement indicating that it will not participate in the 2010 championship "until the conditions of its entry are satisfied" and indicated that the FIA has listed the team as an unconditional entrant despite "previous written notice to the FIA not to do so."Red Bull Racing released a statement as well, declaring that it wished "to make it clear that its entry was submitted as a conditional entry, consistent with those of all other FOTA members."Scuderia Toro Rosso's statement was identical to Red Bull Racing's.

FIA 2010 Formula One entry list:
AT&T WILLIAMS - Williams Toyota
FORCE INDIA F1 TEAM - Force India Mercedes
CAMPOS GRAND PRIX - Campos Cosworth
MANOR GRAND PRIX - Manor Cosworth
TEAM US F1 - Team US F1 Cosworth
RENAULT F1 TEAM * - Renault
BRAWN GP FORMULA ONE TEAM * - Brawn TBA (no engine)

What Fresh Hell?

This is a photograph of a 1937 Delahaye 135M.

Until seeing this automobile I had never felt like a car was coming on to me.
I kept hearing the Beatles suggesting inapproprate behavior.
Their music seemed to fill the air.

I was certian they were incorrect about the 'no one will be watching' part.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Le Mans 24 Hours June 13-14 2009

Where the big dogs go when they get off the porch.

taken from Racer.com

The organizers of the Le Mans 24 Hours have thrown the door open for any of Formula 1’s manufacturers to compete in the French classic – and they have even been offered the chance to help shape future regulations.
F1 teams are due to meet with FIA president Max Mosley today in an attempt to reach a last-minute agreement ahead of the publication of the entry list for 2010 tomorrow morning. Several of the manufacturers have been linked to sports car programs if they go through with their threats not to enter Formula 1 next year.
Piero Ferrari, son of marque founder Enzo, has mentioned Le Mans as a potential avenue for the team, and Toyota is also believed to be interested in a return to the 24 Hours 10 years after its last appearance at the event with its GT-One car.
ACO general manager Remy Brouard says Le Mans would welcome F1 manufacturers returning to sports car racing and insists that Le Mans’ governing body is open to suggestions from manufacturers on future regulations. When asked about the number of manufacturers involved in the 24 Hours, Brouard said: “There is no ideal figure, the more the better. They [the Formula 1 teams] are welcome here. If they want to make proposals, we will listen.”
Brouard would not comment on which manufacturers, if any, had been in contact with the ACO about possible entry to the event.
Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo will be the official starter of this year’s race on Saturday, and two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso is also due to attend after admitting his interest in competing in the event in the future.
Renault and BMW have also had success as past winners of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1978 and 1999, respectively.

After last-ditch talks aimed at bringing an end to the stand-off between the FIA and the Formula 1 Teams’ Association ended inconclusively on Thursday afternoon, all eyes are now on how many of the current teams will be on the entry list, to be released by the governing body on Friday.
FIA president Max Mosley met in London with four representatives of FOTA – Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali, Brawn GP’s Ross Brawn, Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner and Toyota’s John Howett – in order to try and thrash out an 11th hour deal that will keep all the current teams committed. But although there was no public confirmation that the two sides had edged any closer to a deal, there were suggestions that FOTA and the FIA were not totally at loggerheads on a way forward.
One source compared the situation to the black or white smoke signals given off by the Vatican during the election process of a new Pope. “There is gray smoke tonight,” he said.
In recent days there has been more talk of a compromise deal, with Mosley indicating in a recent letter to Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo that the FIA would be ready to scrap the two-tier F1 plans, and sign a Concorde Agreement, if teams agreed to a 100-million-euro ($141m) budget cap for 2010, prior to it being reduced to £40 million ($66m) the following year.
As to what happens with the entry list announcement on Friday, no one outside of the FIA’s circles is sure about what will happen. Williams and Force India are certain to be on it, having lodged unconditional entries, and it should not be too difficult for the FIA to find at least three new teams to fill the available slots on the grid. However, which of the remaining current outfits is on the entry list will determine where F1 is heading in both the next few weeks and perhaps the longer term.
Should the entries of the eight remaining FOTA members – Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Red Bull Racing and Brawn – be rejected, then it could be the signal for those teams to accelerate their plans for a breakaway championship. There would also likely be huge controversy should the FIA choose to put Ferrari, and perhaps the two Red Bull teams, on the entry list unconditionally – if the governing body stood by the belief that some teams have contractually tied themselves into racing in F1.
One way of defusing the tension, however, would be for the FIA to hand provisional entries to all of FOTA’s outfit – pending the successful resolution of talks aimed at reducing costs.
Ferrari has made no secret of the fact that it will only race in F1 if it is happy with the rules – and the announcement of the entry list comes ahead of a visit to Le Mans by di Montezemolo and the Scuderia’s team principal Stefano Domenicali. In a statement issued on Thursday, di Montezemolo made a clear hint that the challenge of Le Mans would be enough to attract the Maranello team in the future.
“I am delighted to be given the opportunity to start a race that has made motor racing history and has such strong links with Ferrari,” he said. “Our Scuderia has delivered some unforgettable achievements on this circuit. The Le Mans 24-Hour Race is synonymous with technologically advanced sporting competition and has always been a focus of great attention on our part.”
The other interest in the entry list will come with which of the new outfits is granted a place on the 2010 grid. Among the leading contenders to be given the nod are Prodrive, Campos Racing, Epsilon Euskadi, Lola, Superfund, USF1 and Team Lotus.

Oh by the Way - this is Max Mosley on his off hours.

He walked away from the scandal. Of course the scandal dungeon is only a block away from his flat. His wife of 40 plus years is ok with it. And another thing he got 5 hookers for 5000.00 USD, while the governor of New York only got one Hooker for $ 5ooo.oo. Health care is cheaper in UK.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Slice of Life

Got the term slice of life from Erskine Caldwell. Took me a while to grasp the full understanding of it all.

Back when i was a kid going on vacation with my family, if you went someplace really neat you could buy decals at the souvenir store, and place them on your car window. The more places you had been, and the more decals you had, the cooler your car was, or so it seemed to this young boy. This photo was taken at Concours d' elegance - Amelia Island in 2005. It was on the side window of a restored woody. For the life of me I don't know why I did not make a photograph of the whole car. Funny where attention is focused at times.
By the way, I've never been to Nebraska. In fact after the Boss made his album, for a while there, I thought it was near New Jersey.

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Palindromic, I just like the sound of the word. And the meaning also.

There is a lesser known meaning that shows up somewhere around the 13th listing.

Noun, - when a little known politician is used to reverse the order of powerful political parties, usually within months of being introduced into the equation.

This was first used effectively in 2008.

Photo of the Moment

I usually have a camera with me for photos like this. The kind of moment that causes me to turn my head and say, what? I then photograph the view more to prove i saw that right than anything else. So as a result I have a bunch of photographs that must grouped under slice of life. Maybe that should be the heading. Anyway there it is. Let me know what your thoughts might be.

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What Fresh Hell?

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw

Out of the Blue

You must see Cartguyforever's site today. Humbling.

Photo of the Moment

The good news is, there is one near you.

The bad news is you live near me.
All the rest is politics of zoning.
NOT in my back yard, no schools, no prisons, no Wal-Marts, no half-way houses, no parking lots, no cement plants, no churches, no well you get the picture.

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Formula One Now and Then

Ok, ok i know it's tacky, yet still close to the mark.
By the way Jenson Button won his 5th GP and Brawn GP's 5th also. Merc wants a peice of the action, too. (well yeah, now that they are winners. Where is McLaren?)
Honda is still humpin' IRL, IRC or what ever Boy George is calling them ther' american open wheel racing car thingies, this year. (Bad move guys)
Penske Racing bought Saturn cars production from GM.

Ferrari might not be in F1 next year. say what?

2009 State of the sport.

Back in the day.
Niki Lauda 1976

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photo of the Moment

Robert C. Broward, Architect
Unitarian Universalist Church, Arlington
Jacksonville, Florida

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nina Simone


A rare find.

This is purported to be the bus used by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. Rumor has it that the bus is parked and rusting in a lot in south central Florida. Of course, a lot of things are parked and rusting in South Central Florida.
Rumor furthur holds that the last record of this bus being on the road was reported in Lawty, Florida. Rumor holds that about 11 or more 'non-english speaking' subjects had commandeered the bus and were speeding through Lawty. Rumors persist that the 11, known, occupants were detained for further questioning about where they were going for supper that evening. This, after the driver indicated they were looking for a bottle of wine. A complete search of the bus, including K9 officers, reveiled no wine, obviously indicating they were drunk. Turns out the ringleader of the 11 was oceans away in an upper room waiting supper on them.

This is an unsubstantiated rumor, but the photo is real.

The Merry Pranksters were a group of people who formed around American author Ken Kesey in 1964 and sometimes lived communally at his homes in California and Oregon.

People who consider themselves Pranksters in spirit are said to be "on the bus" whether or not they ever actually took a bus trip with Kesey. Kesey was strict about what should constitute a proper prank. He said a successful prank must not physically hurt anyone, and the person being pranked must in some way be enlightened by the experience.

Out of the Blue

Are those...? Hey wait a minute.

If you can pray like Peter
If you can preach like Paul
Go Home and tell your loved ones
He died for us all.
There is a Balm in Gilead
To make the wounded whole
There is a Balm in Gilead
To heal the sin-sick soul

Nina Simone

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Photo of the Moment

Musings of an older photographer.

RE: Writing the F1 Rules

Thomas Wolfe was correct. You can't go home again.

Ahh yes the good ol' days. The light was different back then, as were the colored prints.
Back in the day, Mr. Ford, with his Lola, made damn sure every newsman looked the other way when things did not go to his liking.
Racing was fine, yeah buddy. Did not have unacceptables driving. Why today, hell those McLaren boys done put a negro in the cockpit. Damn guy is the drivers' champion, even after a $100 million (US) fine.
The French rule racing and we gots to change the rules.
Please Don't forget it, Jack.

From f1-live.com
Even if the nine rebel FOTA teams do not race in Formula One next year,
there are already more than enough valid 2010 entries to potentially fill the
grid. It has emerged that yet more teams have lodged paperwork to abide the
announced budget cap rules: Epsilon Euskadi and N. Technology, whose
applications swell the potential entry list to ten teams and 20 cars.
Additionally, it is rumoured that junior motor racing outfits Carlin and Manor
Motorsport might also have thrown their hats into the 2010 ring, as may have a
so far unannounced Italian team. Alongside current team Williams, already
officially signed up with the FIA for 2010 are Prodrive, Lola, USF1, Superfund,
March, Campos, Litespeed and Brabham. Spanish prototype Le Mans sports car team
Epsilon Euskadi's Joan Villadelprat confirmed to the Diario AS newspaper on
Wednesday that he lodged the 2010 entry one week ago. "I can say that we have
our future assured for at least four years," he said, insisting that even if the
budget cap figure increases, the team will remain ready to compete.

Meanwhile, in a statement to the media, MSC Organisation Ltd
said it submitted its entry paperwork on 23 May - the day after the one-week
window for official applications opened. While the FIA would despair at the
departure of grandee teams like Ferrari, McLaren, and even current championship
favourites Brawn, the bustle of the current 2010 entry list has emboldened Max
Mosley's stance in the FOTA stand-off. "I think we are looking quite good," the
FIA President said when asked about the teams already entered for next season.
Turning his attention to the existing FOTA teams, he told Switzerland's
Motorsport Aktuell: "What I would say to them is that if they want to write the
rules, they should organise their own championship."

The FIA will publish the 2010 entry list on June 12.

to be continued.

What Fresh Hell?

I got this from an email. This is worth passing on, for the world to be reminded. These are the Ross Sisters who were popular in 1944. Their act gets better as it progresses and you will be amazed at how Eve gets the apple, and the sisters exit the stage at the end of their performance.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo of the Moment

Billboard, North Jacksonville, Florida at Trout River, just where it empties into the St. Johns. Hell's Bells this is God's Country.

Jesus! Does he like southern cookin'.

Fried trout, sometimes even leaving the head on, damn!, such a hurry.

" go on now, just scale and gut it, screw 'em 'ere filets de perche, we'll pick them bones out with our teeth, we ain't french and this ain't perch, you done been trout fishin in America' boy, hurry up now."

Ok now, some deep fried corn.

"What? what? boy? whatca doin'? no!, son? damn, leave it on the cob, well yeah? of course you shuck it."

"go on jus' put 'tin furst, then the trout, keep a eye on the swamp cabbage, don't let it boil over, look back at the trout, watch it now, and the corn, ok, now add the hushpuppies' corn mix, ok, ok, doin' good, doin' good, ok, now, drain them trout and corn on the newspaper there, let them cool while hushpuppies finish cookin' and we're settin' the table. Lick my chops!"

Yes Siree Bob, mighty fine, mas fina, humm, yummmmm!

"Maybe a little sweetened tea with which to wash it all down. Oh and that peach cobbler, left over from 'thuther night, for dessert, ala mode, if you please. What? I scream boy, Ice cream."

Yeah Buddy, ain't no dogs gettin' off the porch tonight.

Photo of the Moment

Musings of an older photographer while window shopping.

Come on, Now, I can hear the voices in my head saying: "youa shoulda nota do thisa thang. I'm tella you what. I meana if Germaina Greer gets aholt ah' disa here stuffa, shes agonna scratcha you face. Wait until she tellsa Okra, I meana you gonna be the biga O, dats spelta Z-e-r-0, boy. You think people don't buy your work now, well this ain't gonna help atall. No Siree Bob!"

But I digress...

I took this photo over six years ago and it finally came together today. Or not.
Only time will tell. I like it just as well as a straight photograph.

Like this:

Photo of the Moment

Musing of an older photographer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Say What?

You may have seen this but i just had to pass it on.
Boxing at it's best.

What Fresh Hell?


What Fresh Hell?

Ok, Ok, I a Pig. But it is soooo. . . . In your face, to not photograph. Some of you out there might really like a kwik stop with one of these beer mades. Know i woulda, coulda, shoulda.
Not a single American brewing company in the bunch. Why build a fence across Arizona, hell they are sellin' the damn breweries right out from under our draft taps.
Did you know Busch Gardens does not give away 'samples' any longer.

Damn European cheapskates!
No one knows for certain where the "skate" in "cheapskate" (meaning a very stingy person) came from, although we do know that "cheapskate" first appeared in English around 1896.
Authorities are also fairly certain that this kind of "skate" is not related to the "skate" fish, which resembles a ray and takes its name from the Old Norse word "skata." The other common kind of "skate" (as in roller-skate or ice-skate) is also not related to "cheapskate," and comes from an Old French word ("eschasse") meaning "stilts."
The most plausible theory about the "skate" in "cheapskate" traces it to the Scots word "skate," a term of contempt which apparently also crops up in a slightly different form in the archaic term "blatherskite," meaning a person who blathers, or babbles nonsense. If this theory is true, "cheapskate" would thus translate as essentially "stingy creep," which makes sense.

But I digress, i just wanted a beer.


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