Sunday, June 7, 2009

Formula One Now and Then

Ok, ok i know it's tacky, yet still close to the mark.
By the way Jenson Button won his 5th GP and Brawn GP's 5th also. Merc wants a peice of the action, too. (well yeah, now that they are winners. Where is McLaren?)
Honda is still humpin' IRL, IRC or what ever Boy George is calling them ther' american open wheel racing car thingies, this year. (Bad move guys)
Penske Racing bought Saturn cars production from GM.

Ferrari might not be in F1 next year. say what?

2009 State of the sport.

Back in the day.
Niki Lauda 1976


  1. Hey pal. You know I'm auto-racing challenged. And in addition to that, I live in the land of footballness only, and fully clad ladies. We don't know who all these wanton people are. So I can't comment on this post intelligently...or otherwise. Just sayin'.

  2. Jadedj... the old guy is the father, he ownes, OWNES Formula One. Like you own a house. He is about two (2) billion in debet (everything is in his wife's name) and he get country governments (you know like the cats in washington) to build race tracks and pay him millions to have a race there. China, Turkey, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Britian are beginning to rethink the process. Now the FIA, french group in charge of the rules of motor racing, say that teams like Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota and BMW have to go from spending 600 (six hundred) million to less that 80 (US) they said WTF? how 'bout a couple of years to lay people off. FIA said no. That is why Ferrari might no be racing in F1 next year. If that is the cast Le Mans will be a hell of a race in 2010. Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota, BMW spending over 50 million each to race one race. Boy Howdy. Just my take on it, i could be all wrong.

  3. The whole show hit rock bottom in Turkey. 36,000 paid attendance. Hell, that many people show up for a clusterfuck!

  4. Damn Mr. C, was Majic Johnson there?
    Just were are these CFs?
    Oh come on now, please don't answer those questions. They were retorical.

  5. Jadedj... Also, what is so important about the Lauda clip is while he was in hospital a priest came in and gave him 'last rites'. He heard the whole thing and swore he would see that priest in hell. 6 (six) weeks later he was back in the Ferrari racing, winning the driver's championship the next year.
    And now all the fans want is to look at young twits. (note the use of i)

  6. Thank you for the background. Sounds a little like Dallas (I know you're old enough to remember that), but with cars instead of oil and cows.

    I like the priest story.

  7. Mr. Jadedj... ahem, yes i do remember Dallas and i must take umbrage or perhaps, a feeling of pique or resentment at some often fancied slight or insult. Take that you, you, you cad! To compare the Mighty Ferrari and their drivers to Texas Oil Men, why, why, hurrummph, hummrrrrumpphh.
    The priest story is true one, Niki tells it himself.
    BTW... there is a rule in F1 racing that the slowest car must be within 107% of the fastest, in order to make the field. I am beginning to think that holds true for the women allowed in the pit lane. I just can't decide if it is their speed or their beauty that is the criteria.


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