Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo of the Moment

Musings of an older photographer while window shopping.

Come on, Now, I can hear the voices in my head saying: "youa shoulda nota do thisa thang. I'm tella you what. I meana if Germaina Greer gets aholt ah' disa here stuffa, shes agonna scratcha you face. Wait until she tellsa Okra, I meana you gonna be the biga O, dats spelta Z-e-r-0, boy. You think people don't buy your work now, well this ain't gonna help atall. No Siree Bob!"

But I digress...

I took this photo over six years ago and it finally came together today. Or not.
Only time will tell. I like it just as well as a straight photograph.

Like this:


  1. Well at least this blog has gotten you off your ass to finally publish some photos, and well done I might add, but it don't say shit about F1.

  2. That's almost looks like there's a person inside that dress

  3. carlton... good to hear from you, in your usual style. The way F1 is going it won't be shit next year. Well actually it will be shit. FIA needs to fire that maschositc S.O.B.

    JadedJ,, doesn't it?


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