Monday, September 30, 2013

Seattle 92013 Part 2

More photos of Seattle.
A little bit of 'splanin'
I highly recommend reading the above post, first.  
The 1st. post.
Post Seattle.
Comments from faithful readers are answered, with Charm, and a Quick Wit.
Which lead us to this,
the second post, 
Post Seattle. 

Close up of Chihuly. 
He was muchin' on the grass.

To be Fair.  
Chihuly had to have found the Calder much less conspicuous a place, for relief.
See how I had to really make the dog handler look into the back ground.  
See that mook in the white tee?
Neither did he!

 Finally I begin to see what Calder was saying.
I think I'll have a seat.

That is called a rain water - Scupper.  
Up there at the edge of the roof.
There on the ground is the rain water - Leader.
See how it goes underground.

Ellsworth Kelly.
Rusty Steel.
Big Bucks.
Rust never sleeps.
Not even in Seattle.

That is a Stainless Steel Tree!
No Kidding.
The Rusty Ellsworth Kelly?
Oh yeah, is just under the roof, between the two columns. 


I kid you Knot.
Grass in the state of Washington.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


So there I am standing in the Outdoor Sculpture Court of the S.A.M. (Seattle Art Museum), i think that's the name,
while this young man and his dog walk up, his dog with a flame coat of fur.
and we begin to chat and he starts it by saying to me.
"you'll wait all day for the light to get right.' 
I said 'I'm waiting for the people in the background to move away.'
(had to 'splain that one to him) (that was my first mistake))
And then I offered something like "it is great that your town has the Eraser. (seeing's how Billy G. put them out of business.)
He said, "Eraser"  Which one is the Eraser?
(no kidding) 
So I had to 'splain that one to him also. (that was my second mistake)
Ah Claes Oldenburg, 
you know the "Fan bending with the wind,"
blank stare.
 ( you got it, third time is the charm)

Ahhh What's the name of the pooch?

To Wit:

If the Little Guy were
mine I would have named him Chihuly.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013



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