Monday, November 21, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/21/11 Uncle dolla' shorta.

jadedj said...

jadedj said...
No, hell no, I will not let you get away with it. And btw, I did not miss the photo of the taco belle with the pink pairosol...I ignored the taco belle with the pink pairosol. Her resemblance to a former paramour was know.
I hate when that happens.

Flower Power?
Nah...powdered flower. Slightly wilted, but still fragrant...or some shit like that.
Damn son, you sound like an old man.

You found LSU -
I am sure she was saying hail marys over that.
You should hear her at the prayer breakfast.

Explained -
She is a tiger.

Adventurous moves 1 - 3.
You gotta love 'em!
I use to could do that.

Painted cello -
Sorry pal, I think Pink is into merry men...with hair...and bows. But hey, duct tape it on anyway.
He had duct tape on that cello, might just work

Wrangled boots -
I'm thinking she'd wup your ass, boy.
I was so hoping she would.

Fashion Risk -
I thought the theme was tie-dye, not dyed ties. I truly, truly, truly wish you had asked this gentleman what the fuck was he smoking? Or maybe you did.
I was not sure he spoke English.

Oh yeah...Green Onions. LOVE IT. I have it as one of my ring tones, which, just as the insertion of it in this post, has nothing to do with nothing.

Here we have one blogger who skulks around taking photos of people's backsides, and another who in his comments, describes his own behavior while trying, of course, to lay it off on his therapist, and the whole menagerie has got Pixel confused to the point that she thinks she's out of step. Blame it on Reagan. He's the one who cut funding to mental health institutions and turned them out into the streets.
This written by a blogger who sulks around throwing mullet into the room calling’ himself a THERAPIST!!!.
I don’t know any more!
I say


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/20/11 But Wait!! there is still more!

intelliwench said...
What a long, strange trip this has been - and it seems to be getting longer & stranger as time goes by.
Not that I'm complaining. Beats what's on MSNBC.

Good to see you back and thank you for the comment.  The boys are at it again.  I’m sure I doing something to encourage it, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.  By the way, I complain about what’s on MSNBC, and they are the good guys.  Yeppi ki yo ki yay

jadedj said...
Well damn son, Saturday afternoon and I don't have anything else to do goes. OH, think it was looooooooong and strange for you? Think about the participants!
I would like to take a moment and thank the Academy and all the little people who helped me along the way, the participants.  First of all Mr. JadedJ, a person of such….. that I shun….and also Mr. Charleston, another person of such…that I shutter to…the walking man in who’s presents I stutter and hum and chew rapidly a piece of gum…ah the bright area in the asylum, the orderlies, Intelli...who adds a respectful tone to the cacophony, she along with Harlequin, Pixel Peeper and Susan provide an even keel for this ship of fools.  Thank you thank you thank you

1 - Bonnie Blue Flag, a single white star on a blue field, was the flag of the short-lived Republic of West Florida. Decades later, during the Civil War, it became ...
You'll have to look up the rest of it.
This is pretty much the story, ‘cept if you understand the southern culture it is a major part of our history.
(ahem BTW you missed the first photo of the southern belle with the pink parasol.

2 - Oh yeah.
Oh My.

3 - And he hasn't been the same since. Vada boom.
Careful son, Careful this here boy is from the South.

4 - I swear to god, that's George Carlin sitting in the chair in the background right! Ommmmmmmmm.
There is the concept of a parallel universe, this seems to be rather close.  You could be right.

5 - She looks VERY familiar.
She is the one that signed Mr. Charleston’s release papers.

6 - One of the few parks left in America where tents are still allowed, methinks.
True enough, primitive site are free, elec, water hooks are a buck fifty, tour buses case by case.

7 - This is below your standards. Pictorial standards, that is (yes, there's a double meaning contained herein).
Double entendre – I fell in love with that word through the help of Penelope Goodbody.  She loved to twist me up around meaning.

8 - Now just a damned minute. If I'm going to have to start holding my computer up to a can forget the whole thing, pal!
It was good enough for Leonardo.

9 - It's Burt Reynolds!
That’s right!  I forgot he is your uncle.

10 - Chattahoochee is a state of mind. There is no which way.
No, no, no that is New York that is a state of mind.  The way of which is take I-10 East to I-95 Turn Left stand on it.  In a few short hours you will see the haze.

11 - Let's hope this goes no further, father.
Bless you my son.

12 - To use the teeny bopper venacular, OMG! An absolutely beautiful face and smile...and...and...OMG!

13 - You gathered no moss here, for sure.
Sir Sterling Moss is still among us.  He walks on air.

BTW, you asked, in the last segment, if I met Mr. Charleston at/in Chattahooee. Well, I sure didn't meet him in Charleston.
OK, ok now listen up listen close (ahem) YOU met Mr. Charleston IN the Chattahooee Nut House! Ok.  HE pretended to be a doctor. OK.  Ok. YOU and Mr. Charleston have never met me.  I was in Charleston, with Penelope.  OK?

It's funny how the inmates never forget their therapist. Obviously I couldn't do much to help two of them.
Sir Mr. Charleston I still stand with amazement at your ability to wordsmith.  Why you just turned a phrase and change the meaning of it all. Bravo. Bravo! I mean this rivals that piece of writing you did back in Chattahooee which lead to them dropping the charges of you impersonating a therapist.   Man, alive I was talking to a friend just last week who told me it is being studied at UCLA, even to this day. JMHO

jadedj said...
Mr. C, Do you find that some of your friends appear to be invisible to everyone else?

When you walk down a street do people usually cross over the road or press themselves against a wall?

Do you lock the toilet door even though you know you are the only person in the house?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you know that you were once a therapist at Chattahoochee on the Square. 

See that is a good retort, stand your ground.  
Now let’s go over our notes, OK? ok now listen up listen close (ahem) YOU met Mr. Charleston IN the Chattahooee Nut House! Ok.  HE pretended to be a doctor. OK.  Ok. YOU and Mr. Charleston have never met me.  I was in Charleston, with Penelope.  OK?  Let’s go back over it. See I was with Penelope in Charleston and NOT Chattahoochee with YOU and Mr. Charleston.  Got it?

Pixel Peeper said...
Looking at your pictures lately, I'm getting the feeling that I have no sense of adventure and fashion...

Pixel Peeper…for you to visit and comment on this blog is an adventure in it own right.  Thank you.  
Can’t speak about your sense of fashion but I would suggest if you do not dress like the folks in these posts; well you more than likely have a strong sense of fashion, with a very small appetite for fashion risk.  As a footnote, I believe it was fashion risk that landed Mr. Charleston in Chattahoochee to begin with.  
Ahh, not that you care, but that IS where HE first met Jadedj, who was an orderly at the time, I believe.

Flower Power 

Good news I found LSU.

Well that explains it.

 This is an adventurous move.

  This is adventurous move number two.  Love still reads right.

  This is adventurous move number three.

 I would strap a painted chello to my chest to hang with Pink.

Of course a pair of boots is much easier to wrangle.

Now this is Fashion Risk to the Kilts, boots and all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/17/11 Da'late' and dolla' shorta. BUT Wait!! There's more!

So what did you wear to OCCUPY ODDLAND? That guy with the superman logo on his crotch should have been arrested for making a false statement or lying by omission.
I went as a paparazzi, of course you know, bright plaid jacket with lime green pants. Oh and a pair of socks stuffed in the pants.

Good Grief! Are you practicing for your next trip to Walmart?
Practice makes perfect.

Well sheeeeeeeeit...Chas stole my only line. Because other than that, I am fucking speechless.

This requires a full 8 hours of thought. Later.
I’ll wait.
Yes, well, eight hours plus have gone by and I have concluded that there are not enough adjectives in the English Language to cover what I am seeing here. It DOES occur to me that not too far up the road (120 mi or so?) from Live Oak on U.S. 90 (that is approximately where this space trip was, wasn't it?) is the institution known as Chattahoochee. Possibly there was a breakout that day, and they all headed East? On the other hand, the Wal Mart theory still holds up well in my mind.
I haven’t thought of Chattahoochee in years.  That was a fine name for a rubber room.  Much better than ‘the Glens’ which sounds like a tent revival singing group.  I would say the budget cuts that Regan put in place coincides with the rise of Wal-Martians.  They had to go some place.
BTW, Chattahoochee, your first time in, isn’t that where you meet Mr. Charleston?

Pardon me. Sir? Which way is Chattahoochee? I'm at a loss, I seem to be at the Wal-Mart.

 Reasons to listen to Bonnie Blue, belt out Southern Rock.  Lynyrd would be proud.

The Bonnie Blue never looked better.

Bonnie Blue my ass.

Thought I was on the Acropolis for an instant. 

Pardon me Mame, the orderlies from Chattahoochee wanted you to know they have your husband back in custody.

 Tent city.

BTW, who's turn was it to watch LSU?  Has anyone seen her lately?

 God's little Acre.

Ok ,Uncle.

Pardon me Mame, uhhh which way is Chattahoochee?

Further is alive and well.

What a nice smile.  Caught my eye right off.

 Well Of Course.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/17/11 Da'late' and dolla' shorta.

For All... the juke box, if you intend to read this; well it might make it smoother.

Jadedj said…
Nope. Not tonight...this one’s too spooky. Too much merlot, not enough joe. Back when my brain is back, manana. Or is that, banana?
Banana is my guess.

Mr. Charleston said…
Nice thing about those Airstreams, you can just roll around in them.  How did it go... If the trailer is a-rockin’ don’t come a-nockin’?
Yeah Buddy.  5 foot 2 eyes of blue of what those 5 feet could do.

Harlequin said… great pics and captions... and i like that perky little “ tail “ motif you’ve got running through there.
I’m glad you like the photos.  That perky little “tail” has followed me all of my life, or was I following it?  I just pray I live long enough to… well yeah long enough to.  Nuff said.

The walking man said…
“To get back to the warning that I received. You may take it with however many grains of salt that you wish. That the brown acid that is circulating around us isn’t too good. It is suggested that you stay away from that. Of course it’s your own trip. So be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, ok?”
Thanks man, say didn’t I meet you at Woodstock?  Far out, it’s like a small world man. Like small.  Hey man those grains of salt did not help a bit, man.  Not one bit.  Try sugar.

Jadedj said…
1-Some sauted onions...jalepenos...tequila, improves liver immensely.
And your breath.  I read it again and now see it as ‘Bad Live(rs)’ a pun just for you bro.

2-Lucinda looks like a hard drinking woman. That’ll fuck up the liver.
I wanted to like her cause she has a nice voice, but her choice of material made me feel like I was at a women’s only….. ‘never mind’

3-That is one damned fine photograph there, pal. No smart assness about this.
Thank you.

4-Well sheiiiiit...another nice one...peri notwithstanding.
Again thank you, but I just not sure what I was trying to photograph.  But the peri-winkle was the biggest part of it.

5-There’s a reason it stays there. I hope they’re wearing surveyor boots.
Snake proof with steel toes and soles.

6-At first glance I thought it said, Love Gravy. Old eyes.
No man, ‘we got a groovy kind of love’.  Well not me and you but the song from back in the day. I do like gravy, but not wavy gravy.  My doctor said to cut out the gravy.  yum yum.

7-Two cabins in the woods? An outhouse? A bear that doesn’t shit too near the cabin in the woods.
I love it when a plan comes together.  If you look close, (use that control + thing you taught us, ctl- to get smaller, helps with the photos to follow) that is a jeep renegade parked just right of the golf cart, just to the left of the pick up truck behind the cab over.  Get back to nature.  JoJo.  I could be wrong.

8-Not if you get raptured. You skip that there stage. I like the photo, however.
I had a vision just a few nights ago, and god came and said to me “don’t worry ‘bout the rapture”.  You are not amongst them.  And then blammooohhoo the end of the world come and the only ones caught up in the raptured were the readers of this blog.  I went mad, MAD, I tell you mad!!!!  For ever and ever and amen with Mr. Chaz bitching to jadedj and the walking man standing by and waiting to toss a mullet between the two of them.  Thank god, no pun for the foxes that stop by on occasion.  I still be ‘scart.

9-We are waiting for the rest of the story. Well? WAIT A MINUTE! There’s a bear in the near sheet! That must be the bear that shits in the woods...near the cabin.
Be afraid, very afraid.  
BTW. Ahem. She did not like bears outside the door.  That is all that she could think about! Jesszzz sweetheart he is gone.  I'll get a shovel and clean up in the morning.,
  I guess the rest of the story will have to wait.

Harlequin, this one's for you.

JEZZZSSSS mASAAA you got the paparazzi after us!

Ahem well she was just right there just to the left of my original intention.
Tail Feathers.

Tail spins.

Be How you are.

Be Who you are.

Be Where you are.

Holy Sh*t!!

Oh please, dear God; please, pretty please, with sugar on top;  this is just a coincidence of photographic decisive moment. 

in the end we are all dead

Queen of Hearts is alive and well.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies.    

Holy Sh***^^$$tt!!!! Ok ok just passing through. 
I got the warning." Just passing through. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jadedj said…
Why you do this shit to me when I haven't had my coffee yet. Later.
Yes later Coffee, that’s the ticket.

The walking man said…
I lived through the 60's as did most of the people pictured today but I am so tired of the resurrected bullshit hippie crap that people think was the best of times for the generation. And now we have the rise of the 21st century hippies...fucking morons never even looked in a history book to get an idea of what it was really like. They just think the clothes were cool and the rumors of peace and love were the whole of it.
So did I WM and I still don’t know what happened to the peace and love.  We are now in the 10th year of a fake war.  These days Love is just a four letter word.
And did you tell that chick she has some kind of critter stuck up her ass or just grab its tail and pull it out for her?
I fear to admit that I was so caught in the moment that all I could do was stand there slack jawed.

Jadedj said…
walking man, I'm with you. It occurred to me not long ago while walking through Target that the peace symbol has become a fashion statement. WTF.
I watched Full Metal Jacket recently, somehow the scene with private Joker being asked about the peace button on his body armor was more poignant that when I saw it in the 80’s.

1 - See, I rest my case, what is carved on that stump is WWW, Wackedoff World of Walt...and I don't mean Whitman.
Well there were leaves of grass all along the path to the pond.

2 - Why would you put a coonskin cap up your ass? Was this an ebb or flow?
There are too many answers to this question that will not be allowed by Penelope Goodbody, blogger censor.

3 - I am sure the name has meaning...but it alludes me.
I with you. WTF?  But they can play.  Good stuff.

4 - Looks like Ray Charles on the drums there. Let me guess...they were tapping and rapping, eh?
Yeah, like like  Bob Marley got drunk with 50 cent and went on stage.

OK, the coffee didn't do any good.
I would say that it did good.  Got you to write.

Mr. Charleston said… 
WTF?  I come over here for some fun and what I find are comments by two old curmudgeons who are apparently too old to remember what fun is.  Of course, one of them is named Jaded so nuf said.
So let’s say the cur’s and the mudgeons get split up, who would have the most fun?

BTW.  Did you fondle that tail?
You had to see the fine print it said and I quote. ‘look but don’t touch’

Jadedj said…
Chas...we're all right except for that.
Right on.

 Beats me?

 Lucinda Williams.
 The Amphitheatre.
 Beats me?  Just sorta like it.
Ahh the shit that happens here stays here.

 Groovy Love.
 A cabin in the woods and tour bus.  Just how much does a person need.

 In the end we are all dead.
I had a girlfriend that lived in an Airstream.  Still have a fondness for them.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/13/11 Day Dollar late and short.

Jadedj said...
1.      Actually that’s exactly how they look in Kansas, John.
That’s Mr. Wayne to you, sod buster.
 2. Okay, I would ask why, but I am not allowed to ask why, having been double dogged and it is after all not my blog, so I respect aggrandized bloggers edicts when I am perusing their bloggerness. However, the gentleman with the lad in the hat(?) is dressed for huntin, or maybe WalMart (it is unclear in my mind at this point). Or perhaps he road-killed a rainbow turkey and made it into a head piece for the child. We will never know because I cannot ask why.
Thank you for your attention to detail.  But really now, the caution was for saying what.  You could’ve ask why about the what not?

3. Skipper? Holy mackerel this is the babe from Gillian’s Island...Tiny whatshername.
That was a few smokes ago, little buddy.

4. As a veteran on this here Memorial Day aka, Armistice Day...I’ll accept that. But what’s with the voodoo tree? Actually , it reminds me of some damned Disney scary shit film from my childhood. I can’t remember which one...Headless Horseman...The Soccerer with Mickey eunich Mouse...whatever, doesn’t matter. I’ve had those damned threatening trees in my brain for many a nightmare.
Sorry about the flash back, would it help if I brought you a shrubby?

Jimi, you went too soon.
Yeah I agree.

Pixel Peeper said...
Jimi Hendrix anthem: cool.
Jimi owns the national anthem and Dylan’s watchtower in my mind.

Feathered headgear: not so much.
BTW That was not the only one.

the walking man said...
Feathered headgear cool.
I found the booth that sold them.  I paused for a moment.

Opening up a tree trunk to infestation and disease, not so much.
Well it scared Jadedj, it can’t be all bad.

Susan said…
Kansas is the land of the wicked witch.
I’ll bet she is the owner of the crazy hat booth.

 How ya' feeling know Jadedj?  Looks like someone upped the fear ante.

 My life is an ebb and flow.  

Railroad Earth.  

Steel Pulse  


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