Sunday, November 13, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/13/11 Day Dollar late and short.

Jadedj said...
1.      Actually that’s exactly how they look in Kansas, John.
That’s Mr. Wayne to you, sod buster.
 2. Okay, I would ask why, but I am not allowed to ask why, having been double dogged and it is after all not my blog, so I respect aggrandized bloggers edicts when I am perusing their bloggerness. However, the gentleman with the lad in the hat(?) is dressed for huntin, or maybe WalMart (it is unclear in my mind at this point). Or perhaps he road-killed a rainbow turkey and made it into a head piece for the child. We will never know because I cannot ask why.
Thank you for your attention to detail.  But really now, the caution was for saying what.  You could’ve ask why about the what not?

3. Skipper? Holy mackerel this is the babe from Gillian’s Island...Tiny whatshername.
That was a few smokes ago, little buddy.

4. As a veteran on this here Memorial Day aka, Armistice Day...I’ll accept that. But what’s with the voodoo tree? Actually , it reminds me of some damned Disney scary shit film from my childhood. I can’t remember which one...Headless Horseman...The Soccerer with Mickey eunich Mouse...whatever, doesn’t matter. I’ve had those damned threatening trees in my brain for many a nightmare.
Sorry about the flash back, would it help if I brought you a shrubby?

Jimi, you went too soon.
Yeah I agree.

Pixel Peeper said...
Jimi Hendrix anthem: cool.
Jimi owns the national anthem and Dylan’s watchtower in my mind.

Feathered headgear: not so much.
BTW That was not the only one.

the walking man said...
Feathered headgear cool.
I found the booth that sold them.  I paused for a moment.

Opening up a tree trunk to infestation and disease, not so much.
Well it scared Jadedj, it can’t be all bad.

Susan said…
Kansas is the land of the wicked witch.
I’ll bet she is the owner of the crazy hat booth.

 How ya' feeling know Jadedj?  Looks like someone upped the fear ante.

 My life is an ebb and flow.  

Railroad Earth.  

Steel Pulse  


  1. Why you do this shit to me when I haven't had my coffee yet. Later.

  2. I lived through the 60's as did most of the people pictured today but I am so tired of the resurrected bullshit hippie crap that people think was the best of times for the generation. And now we have the rise of the 21st century hippies...fucking morons never even looked in a history book to get an idea of what it was really like. They just think the clothes were cool and the rumors of peace and love were the whole of it.

    And did you tell that chick she has some kind of critter stuck up her ass or just grab its tail and pull it out for her?

  3. walking man, I'm with you. It occurred to me not long ago while walking through Target that the peace symbol has become a fashion statement. WTF.

    1 - See, I rest my case, what is carved on that stump is WWW, Wackedoff World of Walt...and I don't mean Whitman.

    2 - Why would you put a coonskin cap up your ass? Was this an ebb or flow?

    3 - I am sure the name has meaning...but it alludes me.

    4 - Looks like Ray Charles on the drums there. Let me guess...they were tapping and rapping, eh?

    OK, the coffee didn't do any good.

  4. WTF? I come over here for some fun and what I find are comments by two old curmudgeons who are apparently too old to remember what fun is. Of course, one of them is named Jaded so nuf said.

    BTW. Did you fondle that tail?

  5. Chas...we're all right except for that.


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