Monday, November 21, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/21/11 Uncle dolla' shorta.

jadedj said...

jadedj said...
No, hell no, I will not let you get away with it. And btw, I did not miss the photo of the taco belle with the pink pairosol...I ignored the taco belle with the pink pairosol. Her resemblance to a former paramour was know.
I hate when that happens.

Flower Power?
Nah...powdered flower. Slightly wilted, but still fragrant...or some shit like that.
Damn son, you sound like an old man.

You found LSU -
I am sure she was saying hail marys over that.
You should hear her at the prayer breakfast.

Explained -
She is a tiger.

Adventurous moves 1 - 3.
You gotta love 'em!
I use to could do that.

Painted cello -
Sorry pal, I think Pink is into merry men...with hair...and bows. But hey, duct tape it on anyway.
He had duct tape on that cello, might just work

Wrangled boots -
I'm thinking she'd wup your ass, boy.
I was so hoping she would.

Fashion Risk -
I thought the theme was tie-dye, not dyed ties. I truly, truly, truly wish you had asked this gentleman what the fuck was he smoking? Or maybe you did.
I was not sure he spoke English.

Oh yeah...Green Onions. LOVE IT. I have it as one of my ring tones, which, just as the insertion of it in this post, has nothing to do with nothing.

Here we have one blogger who skulks around taking photos of people's backsides, and another who in his comments, describes his own behavior while trying, of course, to lay it off on his therapist, and the whole menagerie has got Pixel confused to the point that she thinks she's out of step. Blame it on Reagan. He's the one who cut funding to mental health institutions and turned them out into the streets.
This written by a blogger who sulks around throwing mullet into the room calling’ himself a THERAPIST!!!.
I don’t know any more!
I say



  1. I think I see Jesus' face in the flames. The world must be ending!

  2. OK, now that's just damned scary.

  3. Hey need to be a little more timely in your response to comments. Cavorting on the road through several states in search of fowl meals from roadside indigents is a er, fowl excuse.

    And, I have it on high authority that walking man has been told to throw his hat into the ring for the prez thing by the Galilee dude. All the other contenders have thus far only thrown their flip flops.

  4. WM...not to worry, it is supposed to get better.
    JJ...just damned scary. Yeah buddy.
    jj...turkey was great, company fun sights? well i'll have to post a few.

  5. Hey man, who is the lady in the fire photo? I know her.

  6. loved the flames; fan the flames !!
    and am loving catching up on the reading.... been sick sick sick ..... hope your november ended well.


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