Sunday, November 20, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/20/11 But Wait!! there is still more!

intelliwench said...
What a long, strange trip this has been - and it seems to be getting longer & stranger as time goes by.
Not that I'm complaining. Beats what's on MSNBC.

Good to see you back and thank you for the comment.  The boys are at it again.  I’m sure I doing something to encourage it, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.  By the way, I complain about what’s on MSNBC, and they are the good guys.  Yeppi ki yo ki yay

jadedj said...
Well damn son, Saturday afternoon and I don't have anything else to do goes. OH, think it was looooooooong and strange for you? Think about the participants!
I would like to take a moment and thank the Academy and all the little people who helped me along the way, the participants.  First of all Mr. JadedJ, a person of such….. that I shun….and also Mr. Charleston, another person of such…that I shutter to…the walking man in who’s presents I stutter and hum and chew rapidly a piece of gum…ah the bright area in the asylum, the orderlies, Intelli...who adds a respectful tone to the cacophony, she along with Harlequin, Pixel Peeper and Susan provide an even keel for this ship of fools.  Thank you thank you thank you

1 - Bonnie Blue Flag, a single white star on a blue field, was the flag of the short-lived Republic of West Florida. Decades later, during the Civil War, it became ...
You'll have to look up the rest of it.
This is pretty much the story, ‘cept if you understand the southern culture it is a major part of our history.
(ahem BTW you missed the first photo of the southern belle with the pink parasol.

2 - Oh yeah.
Oh My.

3 - And he hasn't been the same since. Vada boom.
Careful son, Careful this here boy is from the South.

4 - I swear to god, that's George Carlin sitting in the chair in the background right! Ommmmmmmmm.
There is the concept of a parallel universe, this seems to be rather close.  You could be right.

5 - She looks VERY familiar.
She is the one that signed Mr. Charleston’s release papers.

6 - One of the few parks left in America where tents are still allowed, methinks.
True enough, primitive site are free, elec, water hooks are a buck fifty, tour buses case by case.

7 - This is below your standards. Pictorial standards, that is (yes, there's a double meaning contained herein).
Double entendre – I fell in love with that word through the help of Penelope Goodbody.  She loved to twist me up around meaning.

8 - Now just a damned minute. If I'm going to have to start holding my computer up to a can forget the whole thing, pal!
It was good enough for Leonardo.

9 - It's Burt Reynolds!
That’s right!  I forgot he is your uncle.

10 - Chattahoochee is a state of mind. There is no which way.
No, no, no that is New York that is a state of mind.  The way of which is take I-10 East to I-95 Turn Left stand on it.  In a few short hours you will see the haze.

11 - Let's hope this goes no further, father.
Bless you my son.

12 - To use the teeny bopper venacular, OMG! An absolutely beautiful face and smile...and...and...OMG!

13 - You gathered no moss here, for sure.
Sir Sterling Moss is still among us.  He walks on air.

BTW, you asked, in the last segment, if I met Mr. Charleston at/in Chattahooee. Well, I sure didn't meet him in Charleston.
OK, ok now listen up listen close (ahem) YOU met Mr. Charleston IN the Chattahooee Nut House! Ok.  HE pretended to be a doctor. OK.  Ok. YOU and Mr. Charleston have never met me.  I was in Charleston, with Penelope.  OK?

It's funny how the inmates never forget their therapist. Obviously I couldn't do much to help two of them.
Sir Mr. Charleston I still stand with amazement at your ability to wordsmith.  Why you just turned a phrase and change the meaning of it all. Bravo. Bravo! I mean this rivals that piece of writing you did back in Chattahooee which lead to them dropping the charges of you impersonating a therapist.   Man, alive I was talking to a friend just last week who told me it is being studied at UCLA, even to this day. JMHO

jadedj said...
Mr. C, Do you find that some of your friends appear to be invisible to everyone else?

When you walk down a street do people usually cross over the road or press themselves against a wall?

Do you lock the toilet door even though you know you are the only person in the house?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you know that you were once a therapist at Chattahoochee on the Square. 

See that is a good retort, stand your ground.  
Now let’s go over our notes, OK? ok now listen up listen close (ahem) YOU met Mr. Charleston IN the Chattahooee Nut House! Ok.  HE pretended to be a doctor. OK.  Ok. YOU and Mr. Charleston have never met me.  I was in Charleston, with Penelope.  OK?  Let’s go back over it. See I was with Penelope in Charleston and NOT Chattahoochee with YOU and Mr. Charleston.  Got it?

Pixel Peeper said...
Looking at your pictures lately, I'm getting the feeling that I have no sense of adventure and fashion...

Pixel Peeper…for you to visit and comment on this blog is an adventure in it own right.  Thank you.  
Can’t speak about your sense of fashion but I would suggest if you do not dress like the folks in these posts; well you more than likely have a strong sense of fashion, with a very small appetite for fashion risk.  As a footnote, I believe it was fashion risk that landed Mr. Charleston in Chattahoochee to begin with.  
Ahh, not that you care, but that IS where HE first met Jadedj, who was an orderly at the time, I believe.

Flower Power 

Good news I found LSU.

Well that explains it.

 This is an adventurous move.

  This is adventurous move number two.  Love still reads right.

  This is adventurous move number three.

 I would strap a painted chello to my chest to hang with Pink.

Of course a pair of boots is much easier to wrangle.

Now this is Fashion Risk to the Kilts, boots and all.


  1. No, hell no, I will not let you get away with it. And btw, I did not miss the photo of the taco belle with the pink pairosol...I ignored the taco belle with the pink pairosol. Her resemblance to a former paramour was know.

    Flower Power?
    Nah...powdered flower. Slightly wilted, but still fragrant...or some shit like that.

    You found LSU -
    I am sure she was saying hail marys over that.

    Explained -

    Adventurous moves 1 - 3.
    You gotta love 'em!

    Painted cello -
    Sorry pal, I think Pink is into merry men...with hair...and bows. But hey, duct tape it on anyway.

    Wrangled boots -
    I'm thinking she'd wup your ass, boy.

    Fashion Risk -
    I thought the theme was tie-dye, not dyed ties. I truly, truly, truly wish you had asked this gentleman what the fuck was he smoking? Or maybe you did.

    Oh yeah...Green Onions. LOVE IT. I have it as one of my ring tones, which, just as the insertion of it in this post, has nothing to do with nothing.

  2. Here we have one blogger who skulks around taking photos of people's backsides, and another who in his comments, describes his own behavior while trying, of course, to lay it off on his therapist, and the whole menagerie has got Pixel confused to the point that she thinks she's out of step. Blame it on Reagan. He's the one who cut funding to mental health institutions and turned them out into the streets.


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