Monday, November 7, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/8/11 Day late and a dollar short.

              Orginal comments are in italics. (jj that is the writing that
              slopes to the right. (leans to the right, Mr. Charleston.))

jadedj said...
Spirit of the Suwannee is Hula Hoops?
Good question.  No. It’s ‘bout music.  But some of the listeners bring the lighted hula hoops and dance.  Those hoops can run a few portraits of BenF.  Bennies, yeah that’s what they should be called.

Why is there a pork chop wrapped around the skillet handle?
Another good question.  There is not a pork chop wrapped around the skillet handle.  That would make it difficult, if not impossible, to hold.  What you are looking at is a burnt mitt over the handle. (not a Romney.)

I have nada to say about the campo placeo.
I agree with the spirit of your Suwannee camp site statement, yet technically you just did.

Gritty flop. Nice boots. Cool photo. Asshole presidential hopeful.
That is such an ugly word.  Gritty.  Thanks for the compliment.  As for the gritty flopping A$$hol*, well maybe he’ll wind up beached one day too.

Dale Evans is spinning, I'm telling ya...spinning!
No doubt about it, although I was surprised he did not have her stuffed like Trigger and Bullet.

Laying in wait. Seems to be saying, "don't fuck with me, dude".
You should try your hand at mindreading.

"keep on passin', old man".
I stand by the above suggestion.

Now I know.
Bless you my son.

I wish.
Actually you really are experienced. It’s what you get when you don’t get what you want.

     Doug said...
Passing through and passed by all the posts that show on your page. I like your photos, Mr. Punch.
Thank you Doug, your compliment is means a lot, what with your keen eye and all. Please pass this way again.

Just so you don't feel all abandoned and shit Punch...I am leaving you a comment. What was all that Occupy Suwannee or something?  Thanks walking man, I was ‘bout to get scart of being ‘lone in blog swamp with no one but JJ to talk to. (not that it is a bad thing)  I never thought of it that way but looking at the photo selection I can see your point.  I really wished I’d have photographed a few of the ‘tour busses’ the ones like Willie Nelson rides in.  A bunch of ‘em.  I saw one RV leaving on Sunday morning, (the best day in my guide’s opinion) with a tour bus towing a Jeep Renegade.  I knew I should have grabbed a shot but it was too early and I was cold and the fire and well I didn’t.  I may have a shot of the cute cabins you can rent and the food was all for sale.  No soup kitchens at this occupied site.
 Mr Charleston said...
Dang, that does it. I'm gittin' me some cowboy boots!

intelliwench said...
Looks a lot like some of the festivals I've forgotten I went to....
It is never too late to have a happy childhood.  You can go back, the lights never the same.

Great place to have lunch.  

 Her smile was enough to make me vegetarian. 

 That is a 3D painting.  No Kidding. Glasses were free with a painting.

 Grayson Capps, I never did figure them out.

 Is it time for my walk?

Sitting in the back of a pickup truck. 


  1. WTF? A blog made up of re-fried comments and photos? But I guess I should be appreciative that you have at least gotten it together enough to change the font on the post to a size that's legible, unlike the comments section which still wallows in miniscule. But I still like the photos, especially the ratty-haired hippie chick. Thank you for not posting a shot of a motor-home pulling a jeep.

  2. My wife has started forcing vegetables and fish on me to lower my coronary fats but she never smiles like that, when as all vegetarians do, I fart like I am providing wind for the sailing ships at sea.

    F emale
    A rtistic
    R repellent
    T o protect male diets

  3. Okay...I just got my internet back. I have no idea why it went away, but it did. Too damned late for much in the way of commenting. Except to say to Mr. C...CTRL +, enlarges the font on your screen without riding Punch's ass regards his. Elementary dear Charleston...elementary Windows shit.

    Back manana Punch...provided my provider of internet provides.

  4. Ocay, as I was saying...

    1 - What, they cook on the sidewalk pavement?

    2 - Indeedy a nice smile and some nice cabbages too. Will she lettuce?

    3 - I'm not even going to ask...purple snakes...snails, or are those big eyed slugs. We had LSU in the last set, this must be LSD.

    4 - I wasn't there, but they look "peace"ful enough.

    5 - That there doggy has that, "I'm getting ready to lick an appendage" look.

    6 - This guy got abducted, examined, probbed and all he got was this damned alien souvenir for his pick up.

    7 - Dean Martin and the Stones? Holy shit! They can't get, wait, that was Rodney Dangerfield...he couldn't get no. I am confused.


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