Thursday, November 17, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/17/11 Da'late' and dolla' shorta.

For All... the juke box, if you intend to read this; well it might make it smoother.

Jadedj said…
Nope. Not tonight...this one’s too spooky. Too much merlot, not enough joe. Back when my brain is back, manana. Or is that, banana?
Banana is my guess.

Mr. Charleston said…
Nice thing about those Airstreams, you can just roll around in them.  How did it go... If the trailer is a-rockin’ don’t come a-nockin’?
Yeah Buddy.  5 foot 2 eyes of blue of what those 5 feet could do.

Harlequin said… great pics and captions... and i like that perky little “ tail “ motif you’ve got running through there.
I’m glad you like the photos.  That perky little “tail” has followed me all of my life, or was I following it?  I just pray I live long enough to… well yeah long enough to.  Nuff said.

The walking man said…
“To get back to the warning that I received. You may take it with however many grains of salt that you wish. That the brown acid that is circulating around us isn’t too good. It is suggested that you stay away from that. Of course it’s your own trip. So be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, ok?”
Thanks man, say didn’t I meet you at Woodstock?  Far out, it’s like a small world man. Like small.  Hey man those grains of salt did not help a bit, man.  Not one bit.  Try sugar.

Jadedj said…
1-Some sauted onions...jalepenos...tequila, improves liver immensely.
And your breath.  I read it again and now see it as ‘Bad Live(rs)’ a pun just for you bro.

2-Lucinda looks like a hard drinking woman. That’ll fuck up the liver.
I wanted to like her cause she has a nice voice, but her choice of material made me feel like I was at a women’s only….. ‘never mind’

3-That is one damned fine photograph there, pal. No smart assness about this.
Thank you.

4-Well sheiiiiit...another nice one...peri notwithstanding.
Again thank you, but I just not sure what I was trying to photograph.  But the peri-winkle was the biggest part of it.

5-There’s a reason it stays there. I hope they’re wearing surveyor boots.
Snake proof with steel toes and soles.

6-At first glance I thought it said, Love Gravy. Old eyes.
No man, ‘we got a groovy kind of love’.  Well not me and you but the song from back in the day. I do like gravy, but not wavy gravy.  My doctor said to cut out the gravy.  yum yum.

7-Two cabins in the woods? An outhouse? A bear that doesn’t shit too near the cabin in the woods.
I love it when a plan comes together.  If you look close, (use that control + thing you taught us, ctl- to get smaller, helps with the photos to follow) that is a jeep renegade parked just right of the golf cart, just to the left of the pick up truck behind the cab over.  Get back to nature.  JoJo.  I could be wrong.

8-Not if you get raptured. You skip that there stage. I like the photo, however.
I had a vision just a few nights ago, and god came and said to me “don’t worry ‘bout the rapture”.  You are not amongst them.  And then blammooohhoo the end of the world come and the only ones caught up in the raptured were the readers of this blog.  I went mad, MAD, I tell you mad!!!!  For ever and ever and amen with Mr. Chaz bitching to jadedj and the walking man standing by and waiting to toss a mullet between the two of them.  Thank god, no pun for the foxes that stop by on occasion.  I still be ‘scart.

9-We are waiting for the rest of the story. Well? WAIT A MINUTE! There’s a bear in the near sheet! That must be the bear that shits in the woods...near the cabin.
Be afraid, very afraid.  
BTW. Ahem. She did not like bears outside the door.  That is all that she could think about! Jesszzz sweetheart he is gone.  I'll get a shovel and clean up in the morning.,
  I guess the rest of the story will have to wait.

Harlequin, this one's for you.

JEZZZSSSS mASAAA you got the paparazzi after us!

Ahem well she was just right there just to the left of my original intention.
Tail Feathers.

Tail spins.

Be How you are.

Be Who you are.

Be Where you are.

Holy Sh*t!!

Oh please, dear God; please, pretty please, with sugar on top;  this is just a coincidence of photographic decisive moment. 

in the end we are all dead

Queen of Hearts is alive and well.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies.    

Holy Sh***^^$$tt!!!! Ok ok just passing through. 
I got the warning." Just passing through. 


  1. So what did you wear to OCCUPY ODDLAND? That guy with the superman logo on his crotch should have been arrested for making a false statement or lying by omission.

  2. Good Grief! Are you practicing for your next trip to Walmart?

  3. Well sheeeeeeeeit...Chas stole my only line. Because other than that, I am fucking speechless.

    This requires a full 8 hours of thought. Later.

  4. Yes, well, eight hours plus have gone by and I have concluded that there are not enough adjectives in the English Language to cover what I am seeing here. It DOES occur to me that not too far up the road (120 mi or so?) from Live Oak on U.S. 90 (that is approximately where this space trip was, wasn't it?) is the institution known as Chattahoochee. Possibly there was a breakout that day, and they all headed East? On the other hand, the Wal Mart theory still holds up well in my mind.


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