Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/1/11 Day late and a dollar short.

I was gonna post this yesterday 11/1/11 but well you know how that all goes, but the date was just too cool for school.  So here I am handing in my paper late.
(mean Donna, you still there? (Mr. Chuck is the type face large enough for you poor eyes? (JJ jump in anytime)))  
Some days I just don't want to talk.  

The Stones have a song from back in the day, called under assistant west coast promo man.  I on occasion identify with that song.  
"I'm sitting here thinking just how sharp I am."  
I would suggest if you don't feel like that at least once or twice a year, well, keep at it bro.  
You’ll get there.

Anyway in the last 3 weeks I have been makin' photographs to beat the band.  I have taken over 4300 exposures.  Daz Right 43 hundred Plus.  If that were film the cost would be approx. 4300X30 more or less you run the numbers.  (Cost of film plus processing) That's in dollars U$$$$S pal.  No wonder Kodak is closing the shop. So on and so forth, but, but, Big George Eastman had a good run and his granddaughter, greatgranddaughter? Linda Got to marry Paul Beatle.  Not a bad gift to the world.  So here is the deal: with my kind of volume, coupled with Ansel's admonition that a photographer makes about 10 good photographs a year.  I should be in line for 10 good photos this year, just in back of the blind hogs. (chuckle)  Let's see.
My plan, if it works out is to just post images for the next few or so updates with out commentary, unless the spirit so moves.
Mr. Charleston, and Mr. JJ and the people they encourage will comment (I hope) and if not well that is ok too.
I have a lot of photos.  
And I am learning to be patient and living without positive feedback.

To Witt: a few photographs.

These were taken at Magnolia Fest up in Live Oak, Florida.  October 20-23-2011.
A small lifetime. I recommend it for all.


  1. OK, OK... now I can read the post, just not the comments. but it's probably because my monitor resolution is on high def so as to enjoy photos of billboards and gas stations.

  2. Here then is positive feedback. I particularly like the Spirit of the a statement.

    Every April took me a few seconds to realize that was a guitar and not the posterior of a nubile young thing.

    Visually, I'm going with Race Trac, sans "k". Well composed with the overhang leading the eye to the center, as well composed art should.

    Some days, I just don't want to say anything.


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