Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rising to the Bait 10-27-11

My dear Friend, (not a corporation) has offered up another platter, that may contain perhaps the head of John the Baptist, but just like Salome I rose, no pun, to the occasion.

The Campus of Florida Southern College is a still point in my turning universe and will remain so.   

As I walked around the grounds with Mr. Charleston, he shared with me that this was his first visit to Florida Southern. I said oh.

 I was in a state of grace, no other way to ‘splane it.  I am student of Wright and studied under a master of Mr. Wright.  As I sat in the chapels I came to a fuller understanding of my Mentor Mr. Robert Charles Broward and his love and appreciation of Frank Lloyd Wright.  

These were quiet moments, alone.  I recommend this to anyone.  If you find yourself alone in one of these chapels, sit, be still and know that God will visit.

Yeah, yeah!!! Let’s see the photographs.


  1. Good stuff Punch. Particularly love the chapel work. For some reason, the font size on this post is so small I can hardly read it.

  2. Of course, it was Mr. Charleston who whetted my appetite. I rather like him, you see, and wanted to know with whom he hangs out.

    I am dumbstruck (I think that is the right term you Americans use?) Both the buildings and the photographs of them are beautiful.

    The lines, the lighting, the clarity, purity and simplicity have all made me wish to enter these places and stand in awe.

  3. I'm with you. I've been there, but it's been a very long time since. I too had that same experience...awe struck.

    You were a student of Wright, and could very well have been one of Adams. Damn fine photos, bro.

  4. Wow - Photos 8 & 9 are amazing! I could just get lost in the lines & depth of these. (The rest of the shots ain't too shabby, either.)

    I was attracted to FLW's work from the first time I saw it in books. Wish I would have made it out to Fallingwater when I lived in PA. Will have to find my way to this place when I'm in Gatorland for a conference in Feb.

  5. The campus of Florida Southern is one of my favorite walking spots in Lakeland. I keep looking for adult education evening classes that I could take at Florida Southern, just to have a reason to have to go there frequently.

    Love the black and white!

  6. thanks for this wonderful glimpse into Wright's soul... and into yours. Salut!!

  7. To everyone thanks for your comments. I have been done gone for a few days and life just keeps on flowing. These comments are a flow on Halloween night when the ghosties and globins and things that go bump in the night just aren’t. So I sit and write. You tell me whatever. Got a lot of chocolate to give away.

    Mr. Charleston…thanks for the encouragement on the chapel photographs. It was a bit of a throw back to younger days. Ahem 'bout the font, perhaps you need to A) get new glasses. B) Get a magnifying glass C) decrease the resolution of your monitor D) All of the above.

    Friko…It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, especially when you found me through Mr. Charleston. I would suggest it shows great character on your behalf. Dumbstruck is the correct term. I too feel a need to not speak as I visit theses spaces. They are best when experienced alone. I would also suggest that you would find yourself not wanting to stand in awe, rather kneeling quietly.
    Please come back.

    JadedJ…thank you for the reference to Ansel, I have all of his books on technique and have read and used them, and they are stained with developer, fixer, and toner. Toxic as hell I’m sure.

    Intelli…you are so very kind. I have a fondness for pipe organs. They really are the ‘King of Instruments’. I would encourage you to make the pilgrimage to Florida Southern. You seem to be going to Gatorville for a conference. You do of course realize that you will be truly, really and truly, in God’s country. THE University of Florida. There is a reason that is the name of this intuition of higher learning. (jj, hush) Anyway leave the campus head west, when you get to I-75 turn left, (south, of course) stand on it. Drive for about 2 hours to I-4, turn left, stand on it. Turn right at Lakeland; find the campus of Florida Southern you, will not be disappointed. If it is a weekend I’ll meet you there.
    Later Gator,
    See you later Alligator, After While Crocodile.
    chuckle, giggle. Haha harrumph I just love that song.

    Pixel Peeper…you have a keen eye and a mastery of photo techniques. Great photography comes for a mere three elements. A) The eye B) the technique C) being in the right place at the right time. Ansel had them all, Edward Weston had them all.
    Most photographers have only one at any given time. The good ones have two of them at any given time. The Giants have all three, all the time. To Paraphrase; you can fool some of the photographs all of the time. You can fool all of the photographs some of the time. But you can’t fool all the photographs all of the time.
    I live by that rule.
    Thank you again for your comments.

    Harlequin…Looks like I just spilled my soul ‘bout photography.
    Wright is/was? A very old soul.
    I have come to grips with the understanding that I am.
    Not sure, but you just might be also.


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