Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Post Cards from the Edge of the Mirror. Wish you were here.

This post is spinning off  Mr. Charleston's October 18, 2011 post.  
We spent the day in Lakeland, Florida visiting the Mirror Lake Classic Car and Boat Show.  Vintage Cars and Boats around and on the Lake, with late model cars up the road a piece, in downtown Lakeland.  When we go to shows like this it is understood when we get out of the car and begin to look around that it is everyman for himself.  Phone contact 'round lunch time or closing.  Other than that it is always enjoyable to compare notes over dinner, later.  We are usually please with how close we come to honing in on the same cars and attendees.  On occasion I'll see something he did not and of course he sees something that I wish I had seen.  So here is my approximation of what he saw.

The Lake at Night.

I thought she was a bit over dressed.  The mook is perhaps another model?

The Skyline

This was just too too.  Well he did have on a tutu so I guess it was ok.

Lakeland is the Home of the Grand Imperial Wizard.

Now Mr. Charleston said this belonged to some famous guy. But I coudda swore It was owned by Casey Stingle who gave to Enos Slaughter.  I could be wrong.

Ok this is for Intelliwench and WeinerDog Wednesday.

The campus of Florida Southern College.  The building in the background was not approved by Mr. Wright, he had been dead for about 40 years by then.  If he had not been this would have put him over the edge.  I sorta like it in an odd way.

Ah Yes the Brewster Watering Hole.  Well, you should have been there back in the day.  US 37 just south of Lakeland.

This is the political machine that the Tea Party wants to take us home in.


  1. Cudos on all but the political machine. The sign on the window says "survivors", something the Tea Party opposes.

  2. BTW... font is so small I can't read my own comment so here's hoping for the best.

  3. I like the 2 perspectives, in retrospect. And thank you, Punch, for the weinerdog -- poor thing is a tad on the portly side!

    An MG like the one in the last pic was parked in our driveway when I was a kid -- I think my dad was supposed to be fixing it for a friend, but I don't remember the thing ever running. I guess the Tea Party thinks they will fix the country, but indications so far show little progress. And it's not for lack of tools....

  4. Great photos. GREAT political comments. Great time...I guess...I wasn't invited.

    I would kill for that TD, even in that shape.

  5. BTW, could you tone the font size down. Damned near went blind when it first popped up.

  6. Mr. Charleston…I believe it is spelled Kudos. Thank you for the compliment.
    Good point about the Tea Party opposes things and stuff. Although those dick wads oppose everything, so I’m not sure of your point. By the way that line you see marking the darker black grill and the clay colored grille is from sitting in water in New Orleans, ca. 2005. What was that Bitches Brew called?

    RE: the font size, I made the text I was in control of large, I could make it extra large. The comment section, I would suggest you call someone who might care.

    Intelli…thanks for the kind thoughts. I like the way it turned out. I have more but I was into detailing and you have to know it is a Cobra to understand that that exhaust piping is coming from a Ford V8, to know what the hell the photo is about.
    The WienerDog was really tired. Her owners said I could pet her but she just put her head down and waited for me to leave. She seemed glad to see me go.
    (Stop it; Mr. Chuck and JJ don’t start) Stop IT.

    In my past I have had, two, no three friends that had MG’s. One, a high school chum, while in high school, he bought it and it ran and he kept it running. After graduation, He drove it to Texas with his high school girlfriend/wife and I have not seen them since. The other, an erstwhile lover, had one parked the whole time in her garage. I saw her son one day working on the tranie. The last friend has a restored one running and parked in an Air conditioned garage today.
    SomeHow the Tea Party is a culmination of all those cars, but to sort it all out right now would be an outline for a doctoral thesis on American Hubris from the point of view of a garage band drummer whose mother makes the whole band work on a broke back car between sets.

    Jadedj…Thank you my man. It is always good to hear compliments, even from reprobates and raconteurs.
    You are always invited. Just show up.
    Sorry bro, 6th commandment, the bad news.
    The good news. Ya got one god, no images, name of god, Sabbath and holy and honor and parents ahead of killin’. So you are half way home.
    And there is a version that says ‘thou shalt not Murder’ sooooo make it look like an accident and everything is cool with the Main Man. Hang Man, ah no pun, I bet he had a MG back in the day, might even give you high fives.

    Jezzz My Knees…lets see if I can find Mr. Chuck’s number and you can call him, he is looking for someone who cares about text size.

    I had one lover talking ‘bout size and she ain’t ‘round no more. (Not that you’re a…oh never mind)

  7. You had four friends who had an MG, pal.

  8. Mr. Charleston sent me over here. Seems we probably bumped into each other that day. You really should have said hi.

    Love your night picture of Lake Mirror. Glad you made it to Florida Southern - it's one of my favorite places for walking.

    Now I have to find Brewster's Watering Hole. I drive on US 37 every day, but haven't come across it yet.

  9. Jadedj… I stand corrected.

    Pixel Peeper…I’ll remember to say hello next show. I’m sure I must have waited for you at least once to make your photograph and move to the next automobile. Lake Mirror at night is a beautiful view. The weather was right on. Florida Southern has been a favorite of mine for years, from back in the sixties. I was studying architecture in Gainesville and of course made the pilgrimage. More than once.
    Brewster’s Watering Hole is just a few miles beyond the urban sprawl ends, on the left side of the road (east). Or rather it is the end of the urban sprawl. Wear thick soled shoes broken glass everywhere.


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