Friday, October 7, 2011

Just for the Hell of it all. 11/7/11


  1. Hey Punch, ya know I love ya but I just gotta ask....

    "Just for the Hell of it all. 11/7/11"

    ........are u in some kinda different month zone than the rest of us?

    I mean, I know I've been gone a long time 'n all but...this IS still October, ain't it?

  2. Mean, it could have to do with, hmmmm,,...the moon...ah...old man brain fartius...and possibly an STD from the war thingy. Just sayin'.

  3. Well sheeeeeeit, son. I made that comment above BEFORE listening to the song. I'm wrong. It's that clear liquid from out there on the edge of the Everglades. You know, the stuff without the state and fed stamps in the gallon milk jugs.

  4. Mean is great to have you back. I have missed you so.

    JJ…took you a while but you seem to be close to the mark. If I could just get that Lincoln tricked out all would be cool.

  5. Ah, this brings back memories of those honkey-tonkin' days I can barely remember....thanks, Punch!

  6. nice remember when.
    and who cares if you are in ..or on ... another universe, or time zone. it's what makes you so special.

  7. are quite welcome. A little down south jukin' is always in order. Just not so down, anymore.
    Harlequin...chuckle you are so very kind. some days i swear it is all of the above, in an other universe, on time for the wrong zone.


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