Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Fresh Hell 10/5/11 Steve Jobs is Dead.

The Republicanis win.

Mr. Steve Jobs!!!!!
is DEAD!!!!
i did not make this up.

JOBS is dead.

ok ok i
could be wrong.


  1. You are not wrong... Jobs are dead and Steve Jobs as well. He's been dying of cancer for months now.

  2. Yes, I echo Mr. C. It all sucks.

  3. It's just a product launch for a new Apple product, the iDead.

  4. Generalissimo Franco is still dead, as well.

  5. Mr. C…well Jobs are still dead and now Steve wonder is too.

    Susan…yes it does. But at least we are still vertical, and on the right side of the forest lawn.

    Bret…good one. I’m working on the app now. Think I’ll tie it into a Zombie thingy or something or other. The working title is KBoris.

    JJ…thanks I had not heard in recent months so I was in doubt.

  6. lots of hype on my side of the border on the mythic mr. jobs. a little scary..... now i am waiting to see who exploits this and how....methinks the politics might be making me a wee bit cynical.
    liked the riffing on jobs and wonder....


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