Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo of the Moment


There is a myth,


about the power of crystal skulls.

Scares a bunch of people,

voodoo, hoodoo, woowoo, woowho,

and such,

I reckon you have to be in the presence.

I have finally found a place to live just like I never could before.

And I know I don't have much to give, but soon I'll open any door.

Everybody knows the secret, everybody knows the score.

I have finally found a place to live in the presence of the Lord.

In the presence of the Lord.


Photo of the Moment

Dudes. Sleeping. With a Muse, in St. Petersburg.

Jerry Ulesmann once did a photograph entitled 'While Ansel Sleeps' he caught a lot of flack from Ansel's boys, I don't think this is what he meant. Maybe I should call this 'While Jerry Sleeps' of course he would be sleeping in the Vinoy just up the block.

Jack Kerouac passed away in St. Petersburg, he was not on the road, had not been for a while, he was living with his third wife, Stella, and his mother, Gabrielle.

Friday, May 29, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Old billboard on US 301 just south of Lawty, Florida. Lawty, north of Waldo, Florida, both known as speed traps, watch your ass, even Jesus slows down.

Photo of the Moment

A show done by a friend of mine. Up in Jacksonville, Florida. A group called SouthLight. One last stand. Not a bad show all in all. 16 or so artist. This guy is the coolest though. I like the way the light switches are a part of it all. If anyone brought the light it was him.

Photo of the Moment

This is a composite (as if you did not know) The building is in Lawty, Florida. Make a right turn at Lawty and you wind up at Raiford.

Badd Asses go to die in Raiford.

Jesus don't give a damn 'bout Raiford, but he does like good southern fried chicken, maybe a little rice and gravy and sweeten tea, yeah buddy.

A Thousand Words

Photo of the Moment

Memorial Day 2009, Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Should have loaded this Monday, but I was still on the road. Jack Kerouac was no were to be seen.

Our patience will achieve more than our force. Dutch Proverb

A Muse in Progress Energy Park

Germaine Greer

“Yet if a woman never lets herself go, how will she ever know how far she
might have got? If she never takes off her high-heeled shoes, how will she ever know how far she could walk or how fast she could run?”

I suppose that 'lets herself go' had another context when the fair damsel wrote that quote.

You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.”

Speaks volumns about this blog.

“Man made one grave mistake: in answer to vaguely reformist and
humanitarian agitation he admitted women to politics and the professions. The
conservatives who saw this as the undermining of our civilization and the end of
the state and marriage were right after all; it is time for the demolition to

Where is Newt when you most need a jerk?

Photo of the Moment

The Rework, with out the preachin'.

Perhaps one more.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo of the Moment

Just had to go back to my roots.

Too long in the sun of St Augustine. What a chump. To Witt:

Augustine of Hippo (pronounced /screw you we're from Texas) (Latin: Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis; (November 13, 354 – August 28, 430), Bishop of Hippo Regius, also known as St. Augustine or St. Austin, was a philosopher and theologian.

Augustine, a Latin church father, is one of the most important figures in the development of Western Christianity. Augustine was heavily influenced by the Neo-Platonism of Plotinus. He framed the concepts of original sin and just war. (2259 days since 'mission accomplished') When the Roman Empire in the West was starting to disintegrate, Augustine developed the concept of the Church as a spiritual City of God distinct from the material City of Man. His thought profoundly influenced the medieval worldview. Augustine's City of God was closely identified with the church, and was the community which worshipped God.
Augustine was born in the city of Thagaste, the present day Souk Ahras, Algeria, (say what?) to a Catholic mother named Monica. He was educated in North Africa (say what?) and resisted his mother's pleas to become Christian. Living as a pagan intellectual, he took a concubine (living in sin) and became a Manichean (WTF). Later he converted to the Catholic Church, became a bishop, and opposed heresies, such as the belief that people can have the ability to choose to be good to such a degree as to merit salvation without divine aid (Pelagianism).

The Republicans of America, got the part about a just War, well ok the war part. To bad he finally listened to his bitch of a mother. I mean if that lack luster baby mill had kept her mouth shut the world would be a very different place. Where the hell was his old man? out bangin' 'round?, While his ol' lady is setting the world up for Barbara's misbegotten one, 15 centuries later? Boys need Mother figures who don't want them to suck, and Father figures who don't want them to blow.

of course that's just my opinion, i could be wrong.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jessy J is her name music is her game.

Low Spark of High Heels...

At the other end of these legs is one more kickass musican. Jump back.

Jazz in Jax

Just one of the 753 photographs I took of the Jacksonville, Florida Jazz Festival 2009. This is the city that gave the piano award to Marcus Roberts rather than Harry Connick Jr. Not too shabby that year, nor this.
But i digress.
Visuals, the first of a few.
Oh by the way it was raining for most of the weekend.


Insomnia got me up this morning, nothing like waking up from a sweet dream where everything is going swimming, your wonderful one is right there and in your arms and you are flying the two of you away to Valhalla and huh? what? no... let's get back to that nice dream. "nope your ass is awake for the rest of the evening, morning night whatever."
So you find that God in her wisdom thinks this is a good time to research insomnia. To Witt:

Insomnia is a symptom[1] of a sleeping disorder characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep despite the opportunity. Insomnia is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease. By definition, insomnia is "difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or both" and it may be due to inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. It is typically followed by functional impairment while awake. Both organic and non-organic insomnia constitute a sleep disorder.[2]

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services in the year 2007, approximately 64 million Americans regularly suffer from insomnia each year.[3] Insomnia is 1.4 times more common in women than in men.[4]

See, God does have a sense of humor. It occurs in 1.4 men to every 1 women. no wonder we want to screw around at 4 am. " Jezz baby, i can't sleep." Until now it has been viewed as a wimp ass cry of a horny dude. Yet in truth it is the voice of a loving God sending comfort to her sons through the sisters of after midnight mercies.
We have so much to learn on this mortal plane.

For the record this post is at 4:39 am EST.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monaco 2009

Button takes the lead from pole and leads the parade home. Kimi is chasing the two BraunGPs in his Ferrari, First time the Ferraris have been out of the midgrid all season. Lewis H. is dead last and had to put the McLaren in for rhinoplasty midrace. Massa was instructed by FIA that he must keep all 4 (four) of the tires on the track at all times. Kimi missed the transmission and took a short cut through the chichane now everyone is saying 'well the warning was for Massa and not scudaria Ferrari. If that had been the darkie. in the McLaren, they would have given him a stop and go. Damn european racist. The Spaniard is back in mid-field where the Renault belongs.
Final results. BraunGP 1 & 2 Button, Barricello, Ferrari 3 & 4 Kimi, Massa.

On another note. I was speaking with Penelope (Cheltenham Ladies College), the other day and she was saying that the mole was missing in action, and all the Penelopes were wondering about their jobs. She was picking up on an idea that was floated a few months ago and floated it by me.
" She's a smart girl," he said (the Mole). "I think she has all the makings of a good team principal.
We should paint the cars pink, hire Katherine Legge and Danica Patrick and have Penelope run the show."
I have no doubt she is a very smart woman and can achive whatever she sets out to do. My concern was were the Mole was? Her speculation was that he is envolved with USGP group. I was shocked, still don't know what to say. I asked about the Pink cars, she just smiled and changed the subject.
More later

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo of the Moment

What more needs to be said?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Theatre of the Absurd

To let the unknown be know.

Not just an add for Sears

Martin Esslin among others

More about radishes

Not merely inconsistant

Well I never expected to meet Marie Antoniette in person, yet in the theatre one can never tell.


Irony (from the Ancient Greek εἰρωνεία eirōneía, meaning hypocrisy, deception, or feigned ignorance) is a literary or rhetorical device, in which there is an incongruity or discordance between what one says or does and what one means or what is generally understood. Irony is a mode of expression that calls attention to the character's knowledge and that of the audience.
There is some argument about what qualifies as ironic, but all senses of irony revolve around the perceived notion of an incongruity between what is said and what is meant, or between an understanding or expectation of a reality and what actually happens, "when the literal truth is in direct discordance to the perceived truth."

Yeah like love. Tina was right 'What Love got to do with it?" I mean, I mean you go out and meet the love of your life and all is grand and you can walk on water, all is love and light and clouds and happyness and joy and smiles and peace and two somethings pass, like minutes, days, weeks, months or years and now of all the people on earth that is the one you despise most. To the point of murder! I suppose that should read redrum for this text. But where does it go? The love that is, not the rum. There is new research that is identifying two areas of the brain that appear to store love and hate emotion memory. By showing people pictures of love objects and hate objects, tests determined these areas of the brain respond. They are right next to each other, maybe when you sleep at night and lay on the wrong side one's memory of a loved one drips down into the 'hate that bitch' section, and volia you wake up in hate.

And they say god is love, yeah right.
Beats the hell out of me.

Here is what Christine Hassler has to say about getting ahead of the curve. I think she writes for the Huffington Post. HuffaPuffa and I'll blow the jerk off.

”Here’s how the jerk spell works: we meet the jerk and in some twisted way are seduced by his confidence, charm, and passion. We don’t see these as the disguises they are: confidence is really arrogance, charm comes from him being a player, and his passion is being the center of his own universe.”

“A jerk loves being a jerk -- way more than he loves us. I guess if they've always gotten away with treating people poorly and nobody ever set them straight, why would they change? Besides, a jerk seems to always have an attractive woman on his arm laughing at his mediocre jokes and ignoring his wandering gaze.”

“So if there is a jerk out there making your heart go pitter-pat and estrogen is messing with your reasoning...”

“How? I think it's because deep down every woman wants a challenge or a little danger. It's not really the jerk we like; it's the thrill of the chase, the rush of adrenaline when the jerk's phone number pops up on our cell (which is usually right after last call).”

“Go ahead and let him woo you, but when he asks for your number tell him that you only date guys who prove their value by respecting a woman. If he's a jerk he'll roll his eyes, say you have an attitude and snicker as he leaves.”

There you have it, the jerk spell from a jerkette. it is a bit clipped 'cause i ripped it off another blog. but being a jerk i wanted the word to get out ASAP.


Well that went well, but it seems like i have stepped over a few lines. too late, one rule of thumb is to not let friends, family etc read your blog. That from a blogger who kicks ass, so to speak. So my mistake. but what the hell.

Rain in Florida has kept the space shuttle up for another day. What the hell is that all about? It can go into space but can't get wet? We need to scrap that whole program. Men don't need to be in space, just mochiens that can see and record information. Men need to be in women and get wet, but that is another topic.

Ok another photo, that is what i do best. or Not.

A day in the life of a blogger

Ok, sssso here we go. Bloggin' my noggin off.

trying to make sense of it all, my nephew tried to get me to do this several, (several) years ago and i could not make the jump. So here we go. Hope you enjoy reading and i can keep the language to an R rating with the occasional fleeting explective we are beginning to hear so much about.
To Witt: Why is it that the F****Ng Prez and/or the F*****G Vice Prez can say F*** and we can't? If it is good enough for them what about us Joe's, or Punch's in my case, hummmmm? Aeahhh nevermind.

So Let's see if i can post a photo with out to much trouble. Cool.
Ok next is the publishing, the comments button needs to be clicked, folks. I'm not doing this just to amuse myself, if i'm not annoying or amusing others i'm dying, not lying here. So Guys and Gals, make a few comments. Just click the F(* comment button then type, ok please try to put the letters in a formal order (it's called spelling) to from a more perfect union of thoughts. You will have to do a bit of work, at first, to get a google account and then you can comment, I mean it is easer that getting a tax refund.
The bitch is back.


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