Friday, May 22, 2009

A day in the life of a blogger

Ok, sssso here we go. Bloggin' my noggin off.

trying to make sense of it all, my nephew tried to get me to do this several, (several) years ago and i could not make the jump. So here we go. Hope you enjoy reading and i can keep the language to an R rating with the occasional fleeting explective we are beginning to hear so much about.
To Witt: Why is it that the F****Ng Prez and/or the F*****G Vice Prez can say F*** and we can't? If it is good enough for them what about us Joe's, or Punch's in my case, hummmmm? Aeahhh nevermind.

So Let's see if i can post a photo with out to much trouble. Cool.
Ok next is the publishing, the comments button needs to be clicked, folks. I'm not doing this just to amuse myself, if i'm not annoying or amusing others i'm dying, not lying here. So Guys and Gals, make a few comments. Just click the F(* comment button then type, ok please try to put the letters in a formal order (it's called spelling) to from a more perfect union of thoughts. You will have to do a bit of work, at first, to get a google account and then you can comment, I mean it is easer that getting a tax refund.
The bitch is back.


  1. They can say f**king because they are f**king with you (one). The rule of thumb here in bloggerville real names please-amento, senor.

  2. oh yeah, oh f**king yeah...please PLEASE, por flavor...disarm that irritating word verification thingy.

  3. JJ thanks for the advice, i took it and it helped greatly


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