Friday, May 22, 2009


Well that went well, but it seems like i have stepped over a few lines. too late, one rule of thumb is to not let friends, family etc read your blog. That from a blogger who kicks ass, so to speak. So my mistake. but what the hell.

Rain in Florida has kept the space shuttle up for another day. What the hell is that all about? It can go into space but can't get wet? We need to scrap that whole program. Men don't need to be in space, just mochiens that can see and record information. Men need to be in women and get wet, but that is another topic.

Ok another photo, that is what i do best. or Not.


  1. This is why the rain in spain is mainly on the Plane.

  2. thanks for the thought but let me 'splane the plane to you in plain englisa. It has wings for pigs to fly, no pun intended. Pun are best left unsaid.

  3. if pigs could fly, would it be barbaflew? I cannot leave them unsaid...puns...not, pigs.


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