Friday, May 29, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Old billboard on US 301 just south of Lawty, Florida. Lawty, north of Waldo, Florida, both known as speed traps, watch your ass, even Jesus slows down.


  1. Day Jaw Voo. I've seen this somewhere before.

    "Even Jesus slows down" LMAO. Good one sinnerman.

  2. jadedJ, rumor has it that a while later he had was going to have another supper party but nobody showed up. As it turns out they were all on the Merry Praksters bus and were pulled over in Lawty. Well one thing lead to another and next thing you know 11 of'em are booked for breakin' the town ordinance of English as the only language'. The driver, some cat named Judas, was only fined for speeding and walked. He picked up a bottle of wine in Waldo and gave it to the host, took a picture and left to contemplate his navel under a tree. Rumor also continues to say the 11 crossed an ocean to change the world's religion. Don't know what happened to the driver.

  3. Thats cool I love Jesus in florida.


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