Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo of the Moment

A show done by a friend of mine. Up in Jacksonville, Florida. A group called SouthLight. One last stand. Not a bad show all in all. 16 or so artist. This guy is the coolest though. I like the way the light switches are a part of it all. If anyone brought the light it was him.


  1. The switches. Had to have been planned that way.

    Couldn't make it that was about 1200 miles too far.

  2. James, thanks it was a good evening, nice energy, loving kindness. Only last a brief moment.
    EOR, this was not republic so you would have been welcome.
    JadedJ, come on, only 1200 miles to flip switches all night. They would have freaked.

  3. jadedJ, another take,

    'yeah the guy always misbehaved so we gave him bag of switches for his opening night.'
    Think i'll tell my friend, what with you came up.


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