Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo of the Moment

This is a composite (as if you did not know) The building is in Lawty, Florida. Make a right turn at Lawty and you wind up at Raiford.

Badd Asses go to die in Raiford.

Jesus don't give a damn 'bout Raiford, but he does like good southern fried chicken, maybe a little rice and gravy and sweeten tea, yeah buddy.


  1. Lots of chickens also die...outside of Raiford.

  2. Living out here in Twoegg, we don't get down to Lawty very often. I'll look up that building next time I'm down there, though.

  3. Moke, yes sir, chicken fried in bacon fat. yum, yum.
    jadedJ, well you have to break a lot of eggs too... nevermind.
    Watdefuk, you are up in God's country. His boy lives just down the road a peice.
    EOR, thanks


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