Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monaco 2009

Button takes the lead from pole and leads the parade home. Kimi is chasing the two BraunGPs in his Ferrari, First time the Ferraris have been out of the midgrid all season. Lewis H. is dead last and had to put the McLaren in for rhinoplasty midrace. Massa was instructed by FIA that he must keep all 4 (four) of the tires on the track at all times. Kimi missed the transmission and took a short cut through the chichane now everyone is saying 'well the warning was for Massa and not scudaria Ferrari. If that had been the darkie. in the McLaren, they would have given him a stop and go. Damn european racist. The Spaniard is back in mid-field where the Renault belongs.
Final results. BraunGP 1 & 2 Button, Barricello, Ferrari 3 & 4 Kimi, Massa.

On another note. I was speaking with Penelope (Cheltenham Ladies College), the other day and she was saying that the mole was missing in action, and all the Penelopes were wondering about their jobs. She was picking up on an idea that was floated a few months ago and floated it by me.
" She's a smart girl," he said (the Mole). "I think she has all the makings of a good team principal.
We should paint the cars pink, hire Katherine Legge and Danica Patrick and have Penelope run the show."
I have no doubt she is a very smart woman and can achive whatever she sets out to do. My concern was were the Mole was? Her speculation was that he is envolved with USGP group. I was shocked, still don't know what to say. I asked about the Pink cars, she just smiled and changed the subject.
More later

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