Friday, November 11, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/11/11 Dollar late and a day short.

Harlequin­ said…
the cello is quite beautiful, and apparently resilient; likely the same can be said for the ladies.
thanks for sharing !!
and also for sharing the comments.... what a hoot!
Harlequin, great to see your comments.  Yes it is a beautiful instrument, and he does throw it around.  I have more photos of him climbing that rigging and playing from about ½ ways up.  I thought the ladies look very resilient.  My guess is more than one or two of them are there with their daughters on some mother daughter outing.  All in all a great show.

Jadedj said…am
My Gott, my brain is spinning with all these things to comment on. There's not enough cafe in Nebraska to tackle this yet. Later, pal.
They have hot water in Nebraska

The walking man said…
Frank Zappa wearing Mick Jagger spandex to gives his pierced chick fans a bit of something to gawk at should they want another piercing.
WM… you have a way of cutting to the quick, with piercing comments that take a while to sink home.

JADEDj said…pm
won - these guys were in an ugly contest, and won.
Ahem)) beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ((ahem

tew - the lady is getting that gratuitous butt shot.
Can we fast forward through all of that??? Please? Pretty Please??? With Sugar on top of that?

tree - he ain’t no Duncan either.
Pablo is Spinning, I tell you Spinning.   Spinning.  Of course that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

fore - why?
WHY? (Y?) like the fork in the road, take it, or branch of the tree, crawl on it,  or, well geezzz my knexxxzzz!! get a grip?

fievuh - why?
Why.  JeeezzzzMKneezzzz!!! ‘cause, like, you, like CAN!!!!!!!
Oh well, come on, now.  Why Not?  What a dweebah!!

sex - Say what?
What???  Say What? Just one more time, one more G******d time&^%$#!
I DARE You.   
I Double Dare You.

sebben - I can see that you were paying attention to the show.

We are not in Kansas anymore.Pilgrim

Kansas my ass!  

Yess Kansas and you may Kiss my Ass.

Oh, my dear God, I do love this country so.


  1. 1. Actually that's exactly how they look in Kansas, John.

    2. Okay, I would ask why, but I am not allowed to ask why, having been double dogged and it is after all not my blog, so I respect aggrandized bloggers edicts when I am perusing their bloggerness. However, the gentleman with the lad in the hat(?) is dressed for huntin, or maybe WalMart (it is unclear in my mind at this point). Or perhaps he road-killed a rainbow turkey and made it into a head piece for the child. We will never know because I cannot ask why.

    3. Skipper? Holy mackerel this is the babe from Gillian's Island...Tiny whatshername.

    4. As a veteran on this here Memorial Day aka, Armistice Day...I'll accept that. But what's with the voodoo tree? Actually , it reminds me of some damned Disney scary shit film from my childhood. I can't remember which one...Headless Horseman...The Soccerer with Mickey eunich Mouse...whatever, doesn't matter. I've had those damned threatening trees in my brain for many a nightmare.

    Jimi, you went too soon.

  2. Jimi Hendrix anthem: cool.
    Feathered headgear: not so much.

  3. Feathered headgear cool.
    Opening up a tree trunk to infestation and disease, not so much.

  4. Kansas is the land of the wicked witch.


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