Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/9/11 Day short and a late dollar.

Mr. Charleston said…
WTF?  A blog made up of re-fried comments and photos?  But I guess I should be appreciative that you have at least gotten it together enough to change the font on the post to a size that's legible, unlike the comments section which still wallows in miniscule.  But I still like the photos, especially the ratty-haired hippie chick.  Thank you for not posting a shot of a motor-home pulling a jeep.
I Believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said, you can please all of the people some of the time and you can please some of the people all of the time but you can’t never please Mr. Charleston, none of the time, no how, no way, ain’t done it.
I thought using this format would provide you with the comments in a large type face like you are use to in your reading material.  BTW do you still get that large print edition of the Baja Times Picayune Union Gazette?  Man alive that was great, I could sit there at your breakfast table and read the back of the paper you had your head stuck in.  Say what ever happened to them Louisiana boys they had just caught with all that shine?  Yo brother sho was hot that week-end.  I never did get what he was so pissed ‘bout, what with that Baja ol’ boy dialect an all, but he was livid and kept gesturing at the paper, and wavin’ that gun an all.  That is when  I decided to go out an feed the coons.  Damn that’s a scary sight, there musta been 20 pair of eyes lookin’ down from the trees.  Anyway I hope it helped a bit.
She Ain’t ratty-haired!!! 
You are welcome.

the walking man said…
My wife has started forcing vegetables and fish on me to lower my coronary fats but she never smiles like that, when as all vegetarians do, I fart like I am providing wind for the sailing ships at sea.
F emale                                                F inally
A rtistic                                 A rtfully
R repellent                         R efined              
T o protect male diets   T  houghts
Thank you for the visual WM, I’ll be carrying that image for days.  I can see her smile fading, eyes blinking, tears watering up, as the dread locks flutter rapidly in the wind. (pun just happened)

Jadedj said…am
Okay...I just got my internet back. I have no idea why it went away, but it did. Too damned late for much in the way of commenting. Except to say to Mr. C...CTRL +, enlarges the font on your screen without riding Punch's ass regards his. Elementary dear Charleston...elementary Windows shit.
Back manana Punch...provided my provider of internet provides.
Thank you jj, I knew that there was an answer out there in the blogosphere, and you are out there in the blogosphere.  I’m writing this before you have returned.  I’ll post it this evening.  We’ll see if you get back. 

Jadedj said…pm
Ocay, as I was saying.
1-      What they cook on the sidewalk pavement.
No. Look at the ground.  That is grass.  Think!

2. Indeedy a nice smile and some nice cabbages too. Will she lettuce?
Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin.

3. I’m not even goin’ to ask…Purple lips…fire…rainbow snakes…snails, or are those big eyed slugs. We had LSU in the last set, this must be LSD.
Bravo, bravo, author, very good, take the rest of the day off.

4. I wasn’t there, but they look “peace’ful enough.
There is not much to say ‘cept  that it was a  nice couple of hours on Friday morning.

5 - That there doggy has that, "I'm getting ready to lick an appendage" look.
That is when I stopped shooting.

6 - This guy got abducted, examined, probed and all he got was this damned alien souvenir for his pick up.
Spot on, but you really should hear, his Sunday morning prayer breakfasts.

7 - Dean Martin and the Stones? Holy shit! They can't get, wait, that was Rodney Dangerfield...he couldn't get no. I am confused.
Again spot on.  The best part of chaos is the clarity that comes with conclusion.

How many Cellos you thing this cat scratches each year?

Jumpin' Jack Flash.

 You gots to admit he's got S.T.Y.L.E.  He is no Yo Yo.  Ma.

Pink Tornado Rider

Peppermint Pink.

Tornado Riders

 A few of the reasons to stay all the way through a Tornado Rider Show.


  1. the cello is quite beautiful, and apparently resilient; likely the same can be said for the ladies.
    thanks for sharing !!
    and also for sharing the comments.... what a hoot!

  2. My Gott, my brain is spinning with all these things to comment on. There's not enough cafe in Nebraska to tackle this yet. Later, pal.

  3. Frank Zappa wearing Mick Jagger spandex to gives his pierced chick fans a bit of something to gawk at should they want another piercing.

  4. won - these guys were in an ugly contest, and won.

    tew - the lady is getting that gratuitous butt shot
    tree - he ain't no Duncan either.

    fore - why?

    fievuh - why?

    sex - Say what?

    sebben - I can see that you were paying attention to the show.


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