Saturday, November 19, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/17/11 Da'late' and dolla' shorta. BUT Wait!! There's more!

So what did you wear to OCCUPY ODDLAND? That guy with the superman logo on his crotch should have been arrested for making a false statement or lying by omission.
I went as a paparazzi, of course you know, bright plaid jacket with lime green pants. Oh and a pair of socks stuffed in the pants.

Good Grief! Are you practicing for your next trip to Walmart?
Practice makes perfect.

Well sheeeeeeeeit...Chas stole my only line. Because other than that, I am fucking speechless.

This requires a full 8 hours of thought. Later.
I’ll wait.
Yes, well, eight hours plus have gone by and I have concluded that there are not enough adjectives in the English Language to cover what I am seeing here. It DOES occur to me that not too far up the road (120 mi or so?) from Live Oak on U.S. 90 (that is approximately where this space trip was, wasn't it?) is the institution known as Chattahoochee. Possibly there was a breakout that day, and they all headed East? On the other hand, the Wal Mart theory still holds up well in my mind.
I haven’t thought of Chattahoochee in years.  That was a fine name for a rubber room.  Much better than ‘the Glens’ which sounds like a tent revival singing group.  I would say the budget cuts that Regan put in place coincides with the rise of Wal-Martians.  They had to go some place.
BTW, Chattahoochee, your first time in, isn’t that where you meet Mr. Charleston?

Pardon me. Sir? Which way is Chattahoochee? I'm at a loss, I seem to be at the Wal-Mart.

 Reasons to listen to Bonnie Blue, belt out Southern Rock.  Lynyrd would be proud.

The Bonnie Blue never looked better.

Bonnie Blue my ass.

Thought I was on the Acropolis for an instant. 

Pardon me Mame, the orderlies from Chattahoochee wanted you to know they have your husband back in custody.

 Tent city.

BTW, who's turn was it to watch LSU?  Has anyone seen her lately?

 God's little Acre.

Ok ,Uncle.

Pardon me Mame, uhhh which way is Chattahoochee?

Further is alive and well.

What a nice smile.  Caught my eye right off.

 Well Of Course.


  1. What a long, strange trip this has been - and it seems to be getting longer & stranger as time goes by.

    Not that I'm complaining. Beats what's on MSNBC.

  2. Well damn son, Saturday afternoon and I don't have anything else to do goes. OH, think it was looooooooong and strange for you? Think about the participants!

    1 - Bonnie Blue Flag, a single white star on a blue field, was the flag of the short-lived Republic of West Florida. Decades later, during the Civil War, it became ...

    You'll have to look up the rest of it.

    2 - Oh yeah.

    3 - And he hasn't been the same since. Vada boom.

    4 - I swear to god, that's George Carlin sitting in the chair in the background right! Ommmmmmmmm.

    5 - She looks VERY familar.

    6 - One of the few parks left in America where tents are still allowed, methinks.

    7 - This is below your standards. Pictorial standards, that is (yes, there's a double meaning contained herein).

    8 - Now just a damned minute. If I'm going to have to start holding my computer up to a can forget the whole thing, pal!

    9 - It's Burt Reynolds!

    10 - Chattahoochee is a state of mind. There is no which way.

    11 - Let's hope this goes no further, father.

    12 - To use the teeny bopper venacular, OMG! An absolutely beautiful face and smile...and...and...OMG!

    13 - You gathered no moss here, for sure.

    BTW, you asked, in the last segment, if I met Mr. Charleston at/in Chattahooee. Well, I sure didn't meet him in Charleston.

  3. It's funny how the inmates never forget their therapist. Obviously I couldn't do much to help two of them.

  4. Mr. C, Do you find that some of your friends appear to be invisible to everyone else?

    When you walk down a street do people usually cross over the road or press themselves against a wall?

    Do you lock the toilet door even though you know you are the only person in the house?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you know that you were once a therapist at Chattahoochee on the Square.

  5. Looking at your pictures lately, I'm getting the feeling that I have no sense of adventure and fashion...


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