Saturday, November 5, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/5/11 Say What?

So let’s see now. From the comments of the last post.
Mr. Charleston…got dat right, sho got dat right. yeah buddy.

JJ…reading your comments is like Lewis and Clark. (are like Lewis and Clark?)  A long adventure into unknown territory.
1) I'm sho yo granddaddy also knew that Moss doesn’t grow on a rollin’ stone.
2) No, that there is her Louisiana cousin Mona Jezzmite. That is also why the smile was so infuriating, will she? Did she? True Dat.
3) Dirty fingernails are no big whoop.  Hot shower, fresh bar of soap and nails scratchin’ my…well you get the drift.
6) No that would be the Buffalo Springfield.  This one’s for Donna the Buffalo.
7) Yes indeed these hippies love God talked god all weekend. Build a great fire on the last day.  Oak leaf cluster was in order for this heathen.
8) Some photographs do not show there true content until days or even years later.  Never entered my mind till your comments about April.
9) Ah yes LSU.  ‘there good ol’ boys at LSU, they go in dumb and come out dumb too’ randy Newman.  She went to LSU, so I called her LSU.  I would give a years pay to be that poncho, Cisco.
10) I could not believe they had motion pictures when Keith looked that good.

Some More from the weekend.
kLoB, not too bad, but the name is a bit, ahh something or other. 

 Thomas Wynn and the Believers.  I became one of the Obviously Five.


 'Nother Hooper.

 7 Walkers, good group but they can't count.  only 4 of them on stage.  I felt cheated.  Wanted 3/7's of my money back.

 Maybe the sound men counted among the group.  4 is all I saw on stage.  




 Four, the drummer hidden behind the loud shirted guy.

Four (4) not Seven (7).  and by the way.  They did not Walk anywhere.  The closest they came was the lead guitarist when he took three steps to pick up his other instrument.


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. Makes me homesick for going back. Haven't been out there in a while. Good flicks, as always, bro.

  2. I need coffee. I'll be back later. No, actually, I'll be back tomorrow.

  3. Russian...kLoB. That notwithstanding, The photo is awesome.

    Now fucker, let's see...

    First photo...well, no...Second photo - five

    Third photo - one

    Fourth photo - zero

    Fifth photo - The 7 walkers refer to Johnny Walker, which is how many they had before coming on stage. Mystery solved.

    Sixth photo - you are obsessed, dude. Actually this guy had 9 walkers, I'm thinking.

    Seventh photo - You have some numbers issues. He owns the only bottle (one).

    Eight photo - Er, Punch...uh...One. One is the number here. Unless there was somebody under that coat with him.

    Ninth photo - Bingo!

    Tenth photo - Four...there ain't no stinkin' drummer. The drummer is under the coat!

    Eleventh photo - Mr. Bones makes em stay off their phones...that's why they that there.

    Fini photo - I'm only seeing the dude with the bottle, and two pissed off sound guys sequestered behind some bars. Did you see him pour anything from that instrument?

    Mercy, indeed!


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