Sunday, November 6, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/6/11 - I know.

Mr. Charleston...One has to go to one of the events to fully understand why they come back.
JJ...let's see now? how does it go? snooze/loose  I forget.

Ahh looks like you two are the only two of the 7 Walkers that still show.  thanks.  This post is not one of the brightest lights on the blog.
I know.  Hell it is only Rock and Roll!@!  But what the F%$@, I like it.

Some more photos.

That was last night.  Man alive those Hoopers Hoop.

Breakfast, yum, yum.

El Campo Siteo.

So just who's left their flip flop.  Oh yeah Mitt boy.

Now those are some boots.

LSU, waiting on a friend.

That's ok, no need to get up.  I'm just passing through.

Hey, where do you think the post header came from?

Have you every been experienced?  


  1. Spirit of the Suwannee is Hula Hoops?

    Why is there a pork chop wrapped around the skillet handle?

    I have nada to say about the campo placeo.

    Gritty flop. Nice boots. Cool photo. Asshole presidential hopeful.

    Dale Evans is spinning, I'm telling ya...spinning!

    Laying in wait. Seems to be saying, "don't fuck with me, dude".

    "keep on passin', old man".

    Now I know.

    I wish.

  2. Passing through and passed by all the posts that show on your page. I like your photos, Mr. Punch.

  3. Just so you don't feel all abandoned and shit Punch...I am leaving you a comment. What was all that Occupy Suwannee or something?

  4. Dang, that does it. I'm gittin' me some cowboy boots!

  5. Looks a lot like some of the festivals I've forgotten I went to....

  6. Charleston...the boots: a high milage, weathered geezer like you...bad for your back there, man.

  7. make that MILEAGE...high mileage.


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