Thursday, November 3, 2011

Juxtaposition 11/3/11 Who dat?

So let’s see what tomorrow brings.  The following is a response to comments of the last post.

Mr. Charleston…billboards and gas stations are the cause celebre of the taxpayer funded Interstate road system instituted by Ike. Nation Security and all.  This is your republican bought governance in action.

JadedJ…thank you for the positive feedback.  The spirit of the Suwanee was all ‘round.  Even on the doors of the port-o-let, I did not want to take a photo ‘cause the fuzz might be looking.  (no kidding)
“April is the cruelest month.”  Mr. Eliot was right.
Good Eye on the Race Trac, sometime it all comes together.  I am blessed.
“If you can’t say something good about someone don’t say anything.”

 Here are some more photos, with a few comments.

This is for Mr. Chuck.

  Mona? Ya Wanta?

These next two go together.  The full quote is:
Hatred is a very underestimated emotion. 

She was cute.

JJ this is April up close.  Turns out she is a dead head.

 Donna was on the way.

 The Power of Love.

 JJ, well, ahem, you tell me.

LSU.  yeah buddy.


  1. Who dat who say dat? Dat's more like it.

  2. What the...You don't post for two, three weeks and bam, you post twice in the same number of days? And I gots to comment?

    1. Nothing says Suwanee like Risque Cafe, my old grandad used to say. Love the moss on the oaks, though. I'm betting the moss in the cafe has been Braziled away...waxing philosophically, that is.

    2. I knew a Mona N. Zenite once. Is that the same one?

    3-5. Nice close up photo of the neck lady. For sure cute. Dirty fingernails, however. Just sayin'.

    6. Was that Buffalo springing over the field?

    7. Love, peace and oak leaves. I love it! Former hippies in their motor home?

    8. Ahem...I am having chicken breasts for dinner. They're not tie-dyed, however.

    9. Yes, LSU )whatever that means(...I am in LUUUUUUV (you don't suppose that's Poncho's poncho, do you? NO, wait...I get's Puncho's poncho. You clever devil, you.

    10. The Stones! Damn son, where the deuce did you get this. You're making me feel ancient. This was recorded way before they got in butt fuck ugly. Bunch of babies. Hmmmmmmm.


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