Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nuff said: Rick Perry 12/12/11


  1. Merry unemployment?

    Yeah, ain't he a kick.

  2. Bush light...asshole that really has put Texas in a different position on the map.

  3. Well, there goes the Christian vote. Don't forget, Ron Paul is from Texas as well. And you think F1 will thrive there?

  4. JadedJ…he’s a kick alright. If I call him a ball buster is that ‘dis’ to all the women out there that he just kicked in the…well you get the picture.

    the walking man…well not to encourage the Bush league, but…Dumbya is a pitcher, Rickie is a catcher. If you get my drift?

    Mr. Charleston…F1 will thrive as long as old white men know when to quit slowing the quick.

    Pixel Peeper…please do. Keep hope alive.

  5. well, what a perfectly sparkling little family. eeeww!
    i hope rick perry gets everything that's coming to him... everything.
    a total flaming asshole if there ever was one.

    loved the comments and your responses... nicely done.


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