Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Future Leader 12/28/11 Riley

I don't know who this little person is, but she has put it all together.
Maybe the republicans should run her in Iowa.


  1. The Republicans should run her in November!

  2. I've always thought this was unfair. My house is full of pink stuff. Now I have a better handle on it. And btw, she is far too intelligent for a political career.

  3. She'd never make it as a republican. We have her on tape saying bys can but pink stuff, which means she is not a homophobic. But she did get the one part right all the republicans like gnewt want a princess so when he's president he has some Carla Bruni style arm candy. Except the sheep farmer republicans they have a whole different set of tastes in colors, they'd never do a brown sheep.

  4. i saw this little gal on the news a few nights ago and was delighted.... hopefully she will grow uo in an environment that will not bully all this wisdom out of her.
    i hope hope hope...

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