Sunday, September 29, 2013


So there I am standing in the Outdoor Sculpture Court of the S.A.M. (Seattle Art Museum), i think that's the name,
while this young man and his dog walk up, his dog with a flame coat of fur.
and we begin to chat and he starts it by saying to me.
"you'll wait all day for the light to get right.' 
I said 'I'm waiting for the people in the background to move away.'
(had to 'splain that one to him) (that was my first mistake))
And then I offered something like "it is great that your town has the Eraser. (seeing's how Billy G. put them out of business.)
He said, "Eraser"  Which one is the Eraser?
(no kidding) 
So I had to 'splain that one to him also. (that was my second mistake)
Ah Claes Oldenburg, 
you know the "Fan bending with the wind,"
blank stare.
 ( you got it, third time is the charm)

Ahhh What's the name of the pooch?

To Wit:

If the Little Guy were
mine I would have named him Chihuly.



  1. Didn't your momma ever tell you not to talk to strangers with red dogs? Especially ones you have to 'splain to (the man, not the dog...the dog didn't need none of that there 'splaining). See?

    Did the dog have on a tee with the inscription, "I'm with dummy ->" ?

    That ain't no dog (name or no name). That's something you dehair and put over the coals on a BBQ thingy.

    On third thought (charm), the dog is actually pretty "claessy", considering.

    Tell us more tails of Seattle, please sir.

    1. Item 1 - My Mamma told my not to talk to old white men. With or Without Dogs.
      She had if they had bitches to run for the Forrest.

      Item 2 - No it was sort of understood 'tween me the little feet, there.

      Item 3 - I have to say I would put Road kill in the stew 'for I let this rascal go.' Just Sayin'.

      Item 4 - that there dawg is down right, natural born, NimitZ Class!

      Item 5 - thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Chihuly seems like the perfect name for the curly little fellow however, up there in that neck of the woods, could be every other curly anything is named Chihuly. At least he didn't pee on the eraser.

    1. Good point about the neck of the woods. His Museum is right at the base of the Space Needle. Fog and the view was about 8" from the window. If I can't see beyond my, ah hand I don't want to pay $20. Bought a post card, actually two to send to my Grand Ones.
      No Chihuly did not pee on the Eraser, but he was eyeballing the Calder big time.
      Think I just figured out the next post.

  3. Sowait a minute. Who put who out of business?

    1. So, Ok. You made me stop and think.
      It was WiteOut that started the ball rollin'.
      Then came the IBM Selectric with self-correction and
      then the Tandy Commador and then
      somewhere in there was the PC by Microsoft. I think.
      I said it was Billy G, but I might have been confused with Kenny G and
      the end of elevators music.
      I could be wrong.


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