Friday, June 5, 2009


A rare find.

This is purported to be the bus used by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. Rumor has it that the bus is parked and rusting in a lot in south central Florida. Of course, a lot of things are parked and rusting in South Central Florida.
Rumor furthur holds that the last record of this bus being on the road was reported in Lawty, Florida. Rumor holds that about 11 or more 'non-english speaking' subjects had commandeered the bus and were speeding through Lawty. Rumors persist that the 11, known, occupants were detained for further questioning about where they were going for supper that evening. This, after the driver indicated they were looking for a bottle of wine. A complete search of the bus, including K9 officers, reveiled no wine, obviously indicating they were drunk. Turns out the ringleader of the 11 was oceans away in an upper room waiting supper on them.

This is an unsubstantiated rumor, but the photo is real.

The Merry Pranksters were a group of people who formed around American author Ken Kesey in 1964 and sometimes lived communally at his homes in California and Oregon.

People who consider themselves Pranksters in spirit are said to be "on the bus" whether or not they ever actually took a bus trip with Kesey. Kesey was strict about what should constitute a proper prank. He said a successful prank must not physically hurt anyone, and the person being pranked must in some way be enlightened by the experience.


  1. That is no rumor. It is true. I was there...not at the supper...I had to leave early to collect some money owed me.

    I believe Kesey was totally wrong. Pain is the goal of a proper prank.

  2. Oh yeah. Love the photo. You're getting pretty good with that camera thing.

  3. I saw a BBC documentary on the prankster some years ago and the bus was shown rotting on Kesey's ranch.

  4. jadedj is right. Only it wasn't in Lawty, it was actually in Starke, I know because I was eating dinner at Grandma's Kitchen and saw the whole thing come down. Also, I know the Bradford County cops would immediately jump to the conclusion that because they had no wine they were drunk instead of the obvious conclusion that hadn't yet found any. Had it been Oklawhaha County they'd still be partying.

  5. JadedJ... Thank you for that confirmation of this unsubstantiated rumor. BYW, Did the pretorian guards give ya' the $%30 (US) agreed upon?
    Oh Yeah! And another thing! I want to be there when yo mama finds out. Ya know 'bout the money, an all the Noterity.
    Pisces...did they actually tell you where, the fuck, his ranch is? huh? huh? See i thought so? It all has to do with Maddogs, Englishmen and noon day suns. My money is that Shriff Proudfoot got to them.
    JadedJ... you are pathetic, don't suck up, for christ's sake, it's tooo late. Just how did you spend the money?
    Mr. C. ... Sheriff Hutto Proudfoot has an arrest warrent out, run for the Forrest.

  6. Euros. Spent it on some fine Manichevitz (sp?...not even Jewish people can spell it) a brown bag.


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