Thursday, June 4, 2009

RE: Writing the F1 Rules

Thomas Wolfe was correct. You can't go home again.

Ahh yes the good ol' days. The light was different back then, as were the colored prints.
Back in the day, Mr. Ford, with his Lola, made damn sure every newsman looked the other way when things did not go to his liking.
Racing was fine, yeah buddy. Did not have unacceptables driving. Why today, hell those McLaren boys done put a negro in the cockpit. Damn guy is the drivers' champion, even after a $100 million (US) fine.
The French rule racing and we gots to change the rules.
Please Don't forget it, Jack.

Even if the nine rebel FOTA teams do not race in Formula One next year,
there are already more than enough valid 2010 entries to potentially fill the
grid. It has emerged that yet more teams have lodged paperwork to abide the
announced budget cap rules: Epsilon Euskadi and N. Technology, whose
applications swell the potential entry list to ten teams and 20 cars.
Additionally, it is rumoured that junior motor racing outfits Carlin and Manor
Motorsport might also have thrown their hats into the 2010 ring, as may have a
so far unannounced Italian team. Alongside current team Williams, already
officially signed up with the FIA for 2010 are Prodrive, Lola, USF1, Superfund,
March, Campos, Litespeed and Brabham. Spanish prototype Le Mans sports car team
Epsilon Euskadi's Joan Villadelprat confirmed to the Diario AS newspaper on
Wednesday that he lodged the 2010 entry one week ago. "I can say that we have
our future assured for at least four years," he said, insisting that even if the
budget cap figure increases, the team will remain ready to compete.

Meanwhile, in a statement to the media, MSC Organisation Ltd
said it submitted its entry paperwork on 23 May - the day after the one-week
window for official applications opened. While the FIA would despair at the
departure of grandee teams like Ferrari, McLaren, and even current championship
favourites Brawn, the bustle of the current 2010 entry list has emboldened Max
Mosley's stance in the FOTA stand-off. "I think we are looking quite good," the
FIA President said when asked about the teams already entered for next season.
Turning his attention to the existing FOTA teams, he told Switzerland's
Motorsport Aktuell: "What I would say to them is that if they want to write the
rules, they should organise their own championship."

The FIA will publish the 2010 entry list on June 12.

to be continued.


  1. You think the French have a monopoly now?

  2. James... It is a pun on the FIA. They are the governing body, but we all know, the English have ruled F1 rather much for the entire history after about 1965? Now it seems to have become some sort of (explective deleted) match between Bernie, Max and bunch of undefined axes of evil.


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