Monday, June 15, 2009

New Header

My hat is off to jadedj. For a guy with such a name he does not appear to be jaded. I use to think the J stood for jerk, but he is not a jerk. Then maybe Joker, but the jokes aren't jaded. Ok Jackass, nahhh a jackass does not love his family. Jurist, no this guy is not prudent. Jesus, maybe, but he would have it pronounced Hey! Zeus. Anyway I was looking at intelliwench's site and was really impressed with her new header. I made a joke about having him do one for me, sos i like contacted him and said how much i liked it. well he is a trusting soul and sent this header to me for criticism. After a conversation in which I gave him many brilliant ideas for HIS header...and I promptly confiscated it.
Now I really hope that part about Hey! Zeus is not correct, really I do, Really.
Oh by the way. jadedj's blog is Banquet of Consequences Too see it at

So lets recount. In the last 24 hours I have made God laugh, Jesus talk with his mouth full and ripped off a jaded something. Our work is done here Tonto.

HI, Oh! Silver? Away.


  1. Jabberwocky...J stands for Jabberwocky, fool.

  2. Humm, Jabberwocky, humm???

    "Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!"

    Damn J i was just jokin' 'bout that jackass part.

  3. Oh, by the way... I like the new header, even if you did steal it. Actually, I like all the more because you stole it.

  4. Mr--it also stands for JuJu, a very mischievous prankster with the power to, uh, do harmful harmlyness. Be forewarned. Oh yeah, would you be interested in a used header. It was previously owned by a little old lady from Pasadena who only blogged on Sundays.

  5. Mr. C... there is a warmth in savoring that knowledge.
    BTW jj is a contraction of JuJu, he's not kidding. You know forewarned is four armed, he has that many heads.
    Don't buy into the header, the little ol' lady from Pasadena is Brian Wilson's alter ego. Next thing you know Jack Nickelson's along side the header axin' 'bout Tony.

  6. Yay! I got in. Something been booting me out of your page for the last few days. *waving*

  7. BK... i've been messin' with Firefox, can't get it up right just yet. sos i went back to IE. Sorry for the inconvenince, you are a most welcome guest.

  8. I got a black cat bone and a mojo too. Got a John the Conqueror, I'm gonna mess with you... well, actually it's just an old snake skin, but it scares the girls.

  9. Shit. Just found out it wasn't a snake skin at all, but an old used rubber I found in the yard!

  10. Dr. Zibbs... thank you so very much. You are the start of it all. JadedJ's rant about losing was so pathitic that when Intelliwench pick his spirits up i just had to take advantage of the moment. (chuckle) Your Blue Yak is something else. Thanks again for visiting.
    Mr. C.... you need to work in your yard more often, quit screwin' 'round.

  11. JJ's rant is about as pathetic as my spellin'

  12. I really enjoyed visiting your site quite like the banter ( and beyond! ) that is here.
    I will be back....
    this last bit was a fun piece

  13. I am confused. Although it is nothing new, this being confused thing, but is what I have read here saying that jadedj and punch have been trading headers? Stealing them in secret moments?

  14. Harlequin... thank you for the nice words. As you can see below the banter can lead to confusion, glad that you enjoyed it all.

    Walking M... you are probably not really confused. I asked JadedJ, would he do a header for me? It seemed more fun at the moment to spin off of the blue yak header competition that he lost, and the great header he did for becomeingkate. Hence the idea of me stealing ideas from a talented graphic artist was, well, absurd, and we are off to the races.
    Esoteric humor at it's best? Please stay tuned. Your thoughful writing is a breath of cool fresh air to this reader. Your comments on this site are always right on. Thank you for reading.

  15. Jesus! You fuckers'll be holding hands in the shower and singing Kum Ba Ya before it's over with. A "Theater" of the "Absurd"??? Not.

  16. He who is afraid of comment is a pathetic person indeed. First you block out becomingkate who never harmed a junk yard dog. Then you block out my receiving notification by mail of comments (or lack of) on this raging bullballs blog post. Then you blame it all on poor Firefox. And to add injury to injury, you re-conjure the pain I have suffered at the hands of one so-called D O C T O U R...all of this before I've had my coffee this morning. If you think I threw away that effigy doll of you, you know, the one with the pins...better think again my friend. BTW, thanks for the plug.

    Mr. C---everyone knows he doesn't take showers...or baths. This is why his house is isolated and boarded up. He considers standing in the rain on the solstice, June 22nd, as his personal hygiene day.

    Btw Punch...did you realize that Monday is June 22nd?

  17. Mr. C.... It is hard being Christian when you're in the Lion's den. Jadedj is correct about the shower thing. Oh!btw your comments are the most absurd part of any theatre. Maybe I should rename it the 'Palace', 'Ritz' 'State' the Palladium' yeah that's the ticket. Step right up folk, there is room in the balcony.

    jadedj... ahem, i'm not hiding behind technoloigy, hell i can't even spell the word. As for the good Dr. he stopped by and said nice things, you ingrate, and after all i have done for you.

    "well you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll, very sorry baby doesn't look like me at all' (apoligies to Leonard Cohen)

    Yes I do realize Monday's importance, and so does public health. They block traffic down my street until after the shower is over. And they pray for a heavy downpour of short duration, put down about 1" of water in 1/2 hour. The house is not isolated and not boarded up. With good luck, the hurricane season will pass again this year and i still will not have to board it up.

    on another note: why do we board up and batten down?

  18. Oh, by the way jadedj, you don't know how correct you are about Punch's house being boarded up... hurricane or no, it will soon be by the City when it's deemed uninhabitable, which could happen any day now. Then Mr. Punch will be homeless and get a free shower courtesy of the taxpayers.

    Then, he will know, without doubt, that... God will fuck you up.

  19. the solstice as a personal hygiene day was an especially nice touch... I laughed out loud at that one...

  20. Harlequin, thanks, but it wasn't a joke. Informational jabberwocky.

  21. Harlequin... thank you, YOU for understanding personal hygiene is just that, personal. "gang showers" in high school, is it any wonder I'm bent. (damn, leave the soap there) BTW with those bitchin' boots you can shower with me this Solstice. You will need them to walk away if public health's prayer is answered, the water in the road could be, by my guess, just about up to the tops of those boots. You will be, like so, like so very cool, walking away from Punch's Place.
    Oh!BTW, we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.
    Oh! and another thing those Jabberwockies are wierd, but harmless. Don't worry about that jaws thing, it was just a movie.


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