Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Right Reverend Punch

Hallelujah it is the 21st of June!!! 2009

OK OfuckingK!!! Just where the fuck are those guys and gals, who said it would all end in 2000 because of bill, ahhhhh, Gates! No Monte it was Clinton! No door number three! Hillary! no Dillary! no Doc!. Or was it the goddamned bible prophecy by Jimmy whatsit, Ohh!!! yeah!! H'it was Dopey.
Just who and how many really did run up the clock that day.
Never mind.

I get to take a bath, wash away the toils and troubles of all this world.

Who cares about Motors racing and swatted flies, and fixed elections, fuck 'em all, this should be about fathers and mothers and joy and bliss and peace and doves and trees and life everlasting and so on and so forth and so and so and so and so and sow and sew and so and so.

Yeah and all like that there!


  1. I haven't heard that in years. Great way to start a Sunday morning.

  2. Yeah brother, and everywhere! Tell em what ya gonna tell em...then tell em...then tell em what ya told em...twice.

  3. Yup and now begins the long hot slide into that bitch's cavern called winter.


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