Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Columbia, SC -- Governor Mark Sanford has admitted having an affair with what he calls a "dear, dear friend."

In an emotional press conference, was actually just the latest part of the extramarital affair.

The two-term governor said the relationship developed within the last year, and he says it began as an innocent friendship. Sanford says he met the woman a little over eight years ago. "Let me apologize to my wife Jenny and my four boys for letting them down," Sanford told reporters. "I have let them down in a profound way."

Sanford says the relationship sparked just over a year ago, and that they had been together on at least three occasions.

First Lady Shit for Brains responses:
A) didn't know where her husband was for Father's Day.
B) "I am being a mom today.
C) I have not heard from my husband.
D) I am taking care of my children."

Govenor Shit for Brains responses:
1)he created a fiction with regards to where he was going down.
2)he let the people of South Carolina down.
3)"Sin is in fact grounded in this notion of what you want,"
4)"This is selfishness on my part."
5)he'll be working to reconcile with his wife, but They are living in separate locations.
6)he will be asking for forgiveness for weeks and months.
7)he spent the last five days in Argentina crying his heart out.
8)he will resign as the head of the Republican Governor's Association,
9)if he'd resign as governor Wednesday, he did not answer.
10)said he's been in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
11)he was alone during the trip,
12)he was not alone.
13)governor was hiking along the Appalachian Trail.

This guy belives in family values.


  1. Don't you just love it when one of those assholes gets his dick caught in a ringer? Especially one of those holier than thou Republicans.

    Next we'll find out his lover is a man.

    Yeah buddy. Makes me smile from ear to ear.

  2. And now it is being reported that some of his flights to see this woman were, in fact, taxpayer funded.

  3. Well, duh fuck. Perfect candidate for national office. The repentant sinner, with forgiving wife.

  4. 2 Words; "Fuck 'em."

    If you're going to pull the sail down when the wind blows wild then you should expect to capsize the boat. Put more canvas on, man up at the wheel, and ride the wild seas.

    There is time enough to cry later, when there is no capital to be gained.
    June 25, 2009 4:21 AM

    shit...that comment shoulda been here

  5. Peach...Gov suck, no gove tuck, no Gov. ardfuk no... I give up no i can't
    Mr. C... He voted to impeach Clinton, guess he changed his mind. Wonder if he got a blow job.
    Comrade...wonder of wonders if she wasn't.
    James... Sigh
    Jadedj...worked for Clinton.
    Walking M... well stated. I read that this morning and figured it should be here. Thanks. You almost make it sound fun.

  6. LMAO. Wasn't this chump getting groomed for 2012?


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