Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Ok, Ok, I a Pig. But it is soooo. . . . In your face, to not photograph. Some of you out there might really like a kwik stop with one of these beer mades. Know i woulda, coulda, shoulda.
Not a single American brewing company in the bunch. Why build a fence across Arizona, hell they are sellin' the damn breweries right out from under our draft taps.
Did you know Busch Gardens does not give away 'samples' any longer.

Damn European cheapskates!
No one knows for certain where the "skate" in "cheapskate" (meaning a very stingy person) came from, although we do know that "cheapskate" first appeared in English around 1896.
Authorities are also fairly certain that this kind of "skate" is not related to the "skate" fish, which resembles a ray and takes its name from the Old Norse word "skata." The other common kind of "skate" (as in roller-skate or ice-skate) is also not related to "cheapskate," and comes from an Old French word ("eschasse") meaning "stilts."
The most plausible theory about the "skate" in "cheapskate" traces it to the Scots word "skate," a term of contempt which apparently also crops up in a slightly different form in the archaic term "blatherskite," meaning a person who blathers, or babbles nonsense. If this theory is true, "cheapskate" would thus translate as essentially "stingy creep," which makes sense.

But I digress, i just wanted a beer.


  1. Good photo. But, methinks you should skip the beer, blatherskite.

  2. Not a problem skipping the beer, but that blatherskite thingie, i don't know 'bout.

  3. I've found that things tend to make more sense for me when I have a beer.

  4. cartguy... I know what you mean, like listening to the evening news. I use to listen and try to understand our leaders. Now i just shake my head and promise myself to not have another beer. Most days it works.


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