Monday, June 15, 2009

What Fresh Hell?


So here is the straight and skinny.

I like the photo and it was taken in a public place, but a license plate number is just too tempting for some not to screw around with. Soooo I thought about how to mask it and god whispered "use the last supper, hit'll be funny".

That WWJD thing was my idea.

Turns out J was in an upper room that overlooked where god hears prayers. He, J, was eating a peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich. He said 'thathhh anitthh funnnneeyy'! God said "run boy" I did.
Boy Howdy!

Hope nothing bad happens.


  1. The Last Supper really goes with the car.

  2. He'll fuck you up. Yes, God will fuck you up. He'll fuck you up the way that he did folks back then!

  3. Are you saying, only Finns are Christians? Or, are you saying Jesus has a personalized plate? Or both?

  4. That same God is laughing his figurative ass off at your humor as he sits here with me; so don't run too fast or far.

    I miss the times of 4000 pound cars and the fins. I remember when my father (who was a Chrysler engineer) brought home a black station wagon (Belvedere I think) with huge fins on it.

  5. BKate... Thank you
    Mr. C... I did not need that reminder.
    jadedJ...Humm, have to get back to you on that.
    James... Eh?
    Walking M... you make me feel a lot better than Mr. C. Yeah those were the days. I have to wonder if the auto designers all met in a smoky bar,downtown ypsilanti, and after a few took an oath as to who got the vertical and who got the slant fins.

  6. The car is bitchin. I agree that God is smiling at your sense of humor.

  7. It's the straight and narrow for you boy, or it's an eternity in fresh hell... hey, wait a minute, ain't that where we be? What fresh hell will He (ahem, make that She) conjure up next? We were once afflicted by behemoth death traps with fins, that somehow seem romantic forty years removed, and now by soul-less pod rods that look like something out of a chicken's ass. The Buddha had it right, levitation. Imagine if every person on earth suddenly levitated 100 feet off of the ground. Picture it. What a scary sight that would be. Maybe then we would get an idea of exactly how much pollution there actually is in this world.

  8. Peach T... You are a trip. I love for you to drive this car.
    Mr. C... Again your point is well taken, yet one more time I must defend the stupidity of the 1950's I mean come on man, Ike was prez, Joe MacArthie was the big dog sniffin out commie, jew pinko fags. Blacks knew their place. Lucy was the best, Abbot and Costello were tops and uncle Miltie was coming on strong. Why not a car with fins. (not Finns, they drive F1 race cars, with wings and by the way and now sports a fin. Like Elvis' cadillac only without the tail lights.

  9. Mr. C -- "levitation. Imagine if every person on earth suddenly levitated 100 feet off of the ground." I'm thinking that could be mistaken for the Rapture if not properly packaged.

  10. 3 (or 4) martini lunches was where those types of decisions were made

  11. jaded, Mr. C.... boys, boys, either way we're screwed.
    Walking M... from the current affairs I would say the designers have sobered up and the bosses are now drunk. I could be wrong.


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