Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo of the Moment

Billboard, North Jacksonville, Florida at Trout River, just where it empties into the St. Johns. Hell's Bells this is God's Country.

Jesus! Does he like southern cookin'.

Fried trout, sometimes even leaving the head on, damn!, such a hurry.

" go on now, just scale and gut it, screw 'em 'ere filets de perche, we'll pick them bones out with our teeth, we ain't french and this ain't perch, you done been trout fishin in America' boy, hurry up now."

Ok now, some deep fried corn.

"What? what? boy? whatca doin'? no!, son? damn, leave it on the cob, well yeah? of course you shuck it."

"go on jus' put 'tin furst, then the trout, keep a eye on the swamp cabbage, don't let it boil over, look back at the trout, watch it now, and the corn, ok, now add the hushpuppies' corn mix, ok, ok, doin' good, doin' good, ok, now, drain them trout and corn on the newspaper there, let them cool while hushpuppies finish cookin' and we're settin' the table. Lick my chops!"

Yes Siree Bob, mighty fine, mas fina, humm, yummmmm!

"Maybe a little sweetened tea with which to wash it all down. Oh and that peach cobbler, left over from 'thuther night, for dessert, ala mode, if you please. What? I scream boy, Ice cream."

Yeah Buddy, ain't no dogs gettin' off the porch tonight.


  1. Chops lickin' good is whut it is. That's the thing about livin' in Baja Georgia, soul food that's good for the soul. Shrimp perlou and swamp BBQ. Yeah buddy.

  2. The old black man didn't see her coming. He pulled out in front of her and the resulting fender bender summoned the cops. The old man and my wife were out of their cars talking when the cop arrived.

    "What happened here?" he announced. Both my wife and the old man began speaking at once. "Shut up nigger!" the cop barked, "I didn't ask you."

    The year was about 1967. The place was Baja Georgia, aka Jacksonville, FL.

    You know what? "Things ain't changed all that much, Miss Daisey."

  3. Oh...forgot...

    So, this is why they have fish on Fridays?

  4. Mr. Charleston... Soul food - why God loves it so much?

    jadedj... thanks for the email, actually I think the fish market is owned by the church.


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