Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh by the Way


Now everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Instead of saying. "Why is this happening to me? Isn't this awful.
Poor me", begin to say, "What do I have to learn from this?"
There is something in the tellin' that makes most want to read. Like, the more sad the story is the more copies of the book one could will sell. It's all about more more more. Ya know like the Fox KNews, and like that there. It's like when they axe you to hate your answer must be;

"when you ask how much do i give, they say more, more, more. "

Well I'm not a fortunate son, but I do try to learn from it all. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to learn. Like, when i hear any politician talk... or some preachers preach, or some singers sing, and some parents talk about their children, hell, the way some parents talk to their children. I just have to wonder what are we to learn from all this, let alone what the children are learning.

To learn something is not as much fun as being the victim. Ah the victim, oh woe is me, poor me. so on and so forth. Don't have a point here, just a point of view.

What do ya'll think?

How about a photo?

S.E. county road 234, Micanopy, Florida


  1. Don't get me started on the victim syndrome. My major pet peeve.

    I enjoy coke.

  2. I feel the same way you do about victimhood. I try to use it mildly in my own life. I've had to deal with lots of injustices from our health care system and technically, I AM a "victim" of greed, graft, and corruption. But with all victims come some who exploit it to use it for their own personal gain, particularly if it's significant enough for the media to report and and for them to make money. And these are the ones who ruin both the word itself and its original intent.

    I never seek pity. I always seek action.

  3. 2 Words; "Fuck 'em."

    If you're going to pull the sail down when the wind blows wild then you should expect to capsize the boat. Put more canvas on, man up at the wheel, and ride the wild seas.

    There is time enough to cry later, when there is no capital to be gained.


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