Friday, June 19, 2009

RE: Writing the F1 Rules

This has be edited for the bored:
I must apologize for calling them candy assed.

Maybe Ray Wylie Hubbard has a theme song for them to use, in the interim.

In the dead of Thursday night in England, the eight Formula One Teams' Association members issued a statement announcing that a breakaway world championship will be formed. The announcement came on the eve of the FIA's Friday deadline for making unconditional entries for the official Formula One series, and amid the sides' deadlocked negotiations about income, governance and rules. "The FIA and the commercial rights holder have campaigned to divide FOTA," the statement read. "The wishes of the majority of the teams are ignored. "Furthermore, tens of millions of dollars have been withheld from many teams by the commercial rights holder, going back as far as 2006." The statement was issued on behalf of BMW, Brawn, Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Toyota and the two Red Bull owned teams. ... The details of the new series, including a name, circuits and starting year, have not yet been announced. At present its grid would feature 16 cars, unless the eight involved teams each field three drivers. ...the FIA and President Max Mosley, has already vowed to legally challenge the defection of teams, and any attempts to negotiate with his contracted promoters and TV broadcasters. The inclusion on the breakaway series of loved venues including Monaco, Spa and Monza will therefore be contested, ...

FOTA statement in full “Since the formation of FOTA last September the teams have worked together and sought to engage the FIA and commercial rights holder, to develop and improve the sport. “Unprecedented worldwide financial turmoil has inevitably placed great challenges before the F1 community. FOTA is proud that it has achieved the most substantial measures to reduce costs in the history of our sport. “In particular the manufacturer teams have provided assistance to the independent teams, a number of which would probably not be in the sport today without the FOTA initiatives. The FOTA teams have further agreed upon a substantial voluntary cost reduction that provides a sustainable model for the future. “Following these efforts all the teams have confirmed to the FIA and the commercial rights holder that they are willing to commit until the end of 2012. “The FIA and the commercial rights holder have campaigned to divide FOTA. “The wishes of the majority of the teams are ignored. Furthermore, tens of millions of dollars have been withheld from many teams by the commercial rights holder, going back as far as 2006. Despite this and the uncompromising environment, FOTA has genuinely sought compromise. “It has become clear however, that the teams cannot continue to compromise on the fundamental values of the sport and have declined to alter their original conditional entries to the 2010 World Championship. “These teams therefore have no alternative other than to commence the preparation for a new Championship which reflects the values of its participants and partners. This series will have transparent governance, one set of regulations, encourage more entrants and listen to the wishes of the fans, including offering lower prices for spectators worldwide, partners and other important stakeholders. “The major drivers, stars, brands, sponsors, promoters and companies historically associated with the highest level of motorsport will all feature in this new series.”


  1. Fuck um is what I say. I'm with FIA on this one. I don't like what F1 has become, an unholy money machine. What FIA is proposing is restricted budget with no restrictions on how it's used. In other words, you can be as creative as you like as long as you stay within budget. What FOTA wants is something like NASCAR, with kit cars and all the marbles held by a few fat cats. It's too bad that the most interesting F1 season in decades has dissolved into this bullshit. The same thing is going to happen to them that happened to CART. And NASCAR is going to become the 800lb gorilla world-wide.

  2. How dare you call me the bored. Boring maybe, but bored?

    You call this editing? Holy shit, being the racing ignoramus that I am, I still don't know what I just read.

    OK, I will try. I vow to try to figure this whole formula one thing out by watching the races on FOX this weekend, as you suggested (argggggggggh, I actually said the fucking F puke word)

    Will James Gardner be racing?

  3. Mr. C.... Thank you for that heart felt reply. I agree F1 has become a money machine, I wonder just what the debt service Bernie has attached to F1, you do know the assets are in his wife's name. (By the way, she moved out of the house about 4 months ago, took the girls.) National governments are backing out of underwriting F1. Bernie bragged about not needing the crowds, just the TV rights, and now a non-paid Englishman is runing a French car club that wants to put thousands of racing industry workers in the bread line, just for a power play. This is big business, bigger than some phat daddy from Daytona. The American conciet about the oval racing is 800 pounds of ballast rattling the back of a high speed tractor.
    jadedj... the comment was not meant for you, you are not boring, boarish perhaps, but not a boar. Formula One racing is an acquired knowledge, as you can see from Mr. C.s rant once understood the sport can bring forth great gnashing of teeth. I would venture to say, after reading your post on Verizon that you are familiar with teeth gnashing. Please enjoy the race, there is just one Britsh G.P. at Silverstone this week end. I will keep posting news of the later races.
    Mr. C. is correct this the best racing in years. Watch the Brawn GP and Jenson Button, there are leading the pack this season.
    No James Gardner will not be racing. Turns out, with his girth, he can't, ahhh, well he is unable to fit into the cars. But back in the Day, yes things were different.

  4. and here I was thinking formula one was E=MC2? And I find you're talking about cars...shit man I have repaired so many cars in my life that I have no respect for them anymore. When I see some numbnut running one round in circles or zig-zaggy little courses all I see is dollar signs.

    All car are shit and all cars are golden goose shit to me because I spent years getting paid to fix 'em.

  5. I wouldn't expect an American to care about this but cricket and rugby went the same way. It was all about a few wanting to hang on to the profits and f-all about the supporting public.

  6. Walking man... chuckle, you do have it correct for the number one formula, that will stand for quite a while. you are also correct about golden shit from a goose, the riff is about guy like you even most will not believe it. these cats are about to kill that goose.
    James... chuckle, well some americans, this one included, born and raised in the south, do care about european sport. The money changers, that some famous dead guy chased out of another temple a long time ago, are still in charge.

  7. Punch, the second group the dead guy chased out of the temple were the lawyers!


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