Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Awlens' (part 2)

Window shopping. In the Big Easy. As I have stated before, The Big Easy, ain't cheap.

If you got the money, honey, I got the time. Hank was right on with that line.
God, Rest, His soul.
This lovely Creature, below, is a lotus blossom, floating on the waters of easy.
Well, easy as the trolls with the green meanies, will let it be.

Thanks, guys, just passing through.
Pardon, Pardn' 'scuse me.
passin' through,

Whoa, Mama,
(ahem) just passin' through,
just like the window dressin'
nice mesh

Say What?? I was just lookin' for Mermaids, got a few rooms I need buffed.
I'll come back later, (ahem) I need a... servant. No a maid to... not like that...
Never mind.
I like the window, very nice and give the best first impression.

Say, I was lookin' for a boy to clean my toilets, could you help me?
Guess not.

I swear to you, I had done my best to chatted her up,
and then this fuckin' potted plant, out did my time.
Think I'll pour nitrates on it.

I'm sayin' I did not talk to that Caterpillar with the hookah, just like you said, Grandmother.
I was walkin' through Nawlins and not runnin', just like you said.
I don't know where that little gurrle came from, but that hooka was fun.

But this Willie ass guy said.
What the Hell.
you only live..."well ok about 5 or 6 thousand times" but only once in this plane.
flood or not.

Monte, I'll take door number Rubyfruit Jungle Doors at 10, Screw door number whatever and Jimdalwhatsit.

It occurred to me to try to help her out of her revenge.
Really. Scouts Honor.
But then I thought, "What if My Helpin' Her, Does not Get Her Revenge?"
Where the Hell Does that leave me???

See that guy with the Eyes??? That is not me.

Black and White Brings it all Back Home.

Ok, The Walking Man, has requested to see the drunk chics that i caught a grab shot of.
The limitation of a still camera is:
one cannot record the stagger,
and weaving to and
fro, and the laughter, and
the stopping, and
the backing up, and
the going forward.

See by this time they had bumped into each three or so times,
and laughed, and lurched to one side or the other.
For some reason, as they were walking toward me, I thought they would see I was photographing them and want a $1 each. (going rate for photos)
Turns out they might not see me, but me and my twin.
Hell, They might have hit on him. Damn.

I was quite suprised how rapidly they moved through the crowd.
It was almost like Moses, parting the Red Sea.
Then they were gone, into the crowd.
I was tempted to follow, but caution jumped up and said 'HEY'.
"Forget 'bout it".

By the Way. The Walking Man was there. I caught a photo.


  1. Saw some easy in the pictures, got the bird, found your mermen, even some hard wired dummies but still...where's the drunk chicks?

  2. Me and my coffee with some passing thoughts, per fine photo...while trying to wake up.

    Art auction...not.
    Another phat photo.
    Alice in Wonderland easily...and more to come.
    I can't get beyond John wantin' a boy (Roy?) to scrub the John.
    A headless drunk lady...or, a headless whoresman?
    AEIOU, smoke em'... but they'll have to dig it out of your throat sooner or later.
    Willie gives me the willies while shootin' a willie.
    Bobby Jindal and Rubyfruit...a strange juxtaposition on a blue nite.
    Heat it, tack it, and just fuckin' scary.
    The sex game basic family clothing store
    (they may not be your eyes...but you were lookin'...hard).
    I want that or white, or whatever!
    Lota junk in that trunk!
    Only thing they're hittin' on is the juice.
    Disappeared is probably best for all...especially you.
    Holy Shit! Walking man, what do you have to say for yourself?

  3. I'll have some of that Rubyfruit, thank you.

  4. Yeah I was there but that was years ago, much more of my brain has leaked out now, drunk tourists in the Big Easy...go figure.


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