Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Knew Orlens' (part 3hree)

Johnny's Po Boy, est 1950. This is the place to have a Po Boy. Yes Sir. No, If, No And, No Buts. Just fine Po Boy, whatcha want' Shrimp, Oysters, Grawdaddies, Ham, Sausage, Gator, (bring your own) yum yum. Prove me wrong. Johnny's Cool with it.

I took the photo in the mirror. Hell of a lens. 11mm. That's were the curve eases in. That is damn near the whole restaurant.

This town is a survivor, anyone says otherwise, I would suggest they go through a Cat 5 wind and rain and storm surge and then chit chat about the weather.

See the column on the far right, kinda like the tea baggers bent to the left and fully eccentric. That column, when fully loaded, will fold like a cheap tent.
Do not party on the balcony. Tea Bags or otherwise.

This is a nice restoration. I like the way the doors upon up and give free access to the space. Living in South Florida everyone needs A/C. and closed doors with energy rating that pass the building code. Which was written by Yankees that don't know jack about coolin' a building in the South, just heating northern building in the below freezing snow and rain.

That is why Marie has such a followin' She just knew.

If there is a live jazz band playing in the joint. Go in, it will not fail, especially if the Sousaphone and bass drum are playing.

Sometime a nice house just attracts nice ladies.

But then one tends to follow them home. What I really like about this building is the shade and shadow on the wall.


  1. These pictures are why I wrote THIS 3 or 4 times I have been so close to NO to spit and hit it but never ventured further in than the northwest corner of it. Guess I am going to have to go back when the hurricane season is over.

  2. You need to learn to spell Norlins, son.

    1) That ain't no po boy carriage out front.

    2) The letters are backwards, fool.

    3) But did you go into Hatter's Books?

    4) Wait...tea baggers leaning to the left? WTF?

    See the guy to the left of the pole on the right? Is he from Hatter's?

    Looks like there was some fine grill work on the balcony, at one time.

    5) I totally agree with this assessment. If you look at Key West buildings, they were designed with shutters that caught the sea breezes...no need for ac there. The Spanish who landed in Florida also used coquina to build thick walls that keep rooms cool. Yep, damned yankees.

    6) You do do that voodoo like you do with that cameraj but do you "Rue" the day you drank that first glass of Bourbon?

    7) Can't think of one smart ass thing to say to this one.

    8) Oh no you didn't. This should satisfy walking man.

    I noticed these flags on a couple of other buildings...what are they?

    9) Can't make out what the business on the first floor is...bar?

    More junk in the trunk walking man.

  3. Walking Man...I have grown to like the town. Maybe it is just the French Quarter not too sure. There is something in it's gritty 'I'm still standing' architecture. Your poem was very close to the mark in the feelin' of the French Quarter.
    1) A PoBoy costs three times more than a big mac.
    2) A remedial class will be given later on regarding mirrors and the optical illusions provided by them.
    3) Thought 'bout it.
    4) Chuckle, the guy used to own Hatters, yes that is fine grillwork.
    5) That's what I like about the South.
    6) I do rue the day that first Bourbon walked me down the Rue, but in the roux it adds a fine taste.
    7) I need to make a note of the date.
    8) Well they were chics but not drunk. One the US, that's easy, one the Louisanna, the other my guess is French derivative.
    9) Cafe Lafitte in Exile.

  4. The other flag, is German. WTF? Can you get a brat on Bourbon Street? Seems appropriate with a tuba and a bass drum however. More good stuff Punch.

  5. BTW... isn't the proper spelling of NO... Nawlin's??

  6. Mr. Charleston...thank you for the compliment. The German flag is Black, Red, Yellow, top down, not even close.
    (Ahem) You know that is not a tuba. Think again, twice.
    I would suggest the proper spelling of New Orleans is New Orleans, the proper pronuncation of N.O. is, Nawlins' or, Nawlin's depending on the side of the street one is standing.

  7. Did somebody say "oyster po' boy?"


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