Friday, April 30, 2010

Nawlaen's Tittie Bars (part 4)

For the record! Bars Close in New Orleans. Sometime between 4 am and 9 am. The sanitation crews drive by with sweepers and sanitizing solution about 7 am.
I finally understood why,
if one stood at a certain
spot behind a curtain
a Jerkin
would offer a girl for your pleasure.
Hell one guy even offered to shine my shoes! (no kidding) (While I was with the girl. She was cute!)
Well on Sunday morning, in the big easy, it all became clear.
Dang, I could have had a V8!
Anyway, here are a few photographs of Bourbon Street on Sunday morning.
Nice place to visit.

Keep you hand on your wallet.
Oh yeah, by the way, I realize Tittie bars is not the correct wording, but Hey, I'm old school.
Gentleman's clubs is a better way to bring them in. Or so I've heard.


  1. I think Babe's Cabaret would do it for me.

    So, they hose the place down every morning. Christ, can you imagine all crap and corruption that must end up in the Mississippi? When it reaches the oil slick there will be a toxic melt-down sure as shit.

  2. Holy shit, this is some pretty sleezy looking shit here...the establishments, not the photos. Even worse close up...and...this is without the smell factor. As the old saying goes, ain't nothing there I'd touch with a 20' pole.

    Charleston, for once you are right.

  3. the last time I was in New Orleans was in 1997... long before the fall and " rise". True, your photos are stark and show the fullness of the spectrum that is the Big E, but I find myself wanting to return. Liking your stories and your take on " old school".

    also, the Nancy photo spread was most edifying. thanks for that one as well.

  4. Looks kind of expensive to clean up all the expensive nightly mess to me.

  5. Punch, I just passed the Honest Scrap award to you for no other reason than I just like you. And because JadedJ always gets the awards.

  6. PE, hold it, wait a gave an award to the quintessential, Mr poo pooer, bad-mouther of awards himself? The anti-blogger blogger? The 666 of etherdom? The crony of that South Georgia teller of tales and tails, Mr. C, who yells even louder about them stinkin' ehwards. What are you smoking girl?

    Oh, do realize that this is the end of symmetry and justice as we know it? To get things back into balance, I either have to double up on the caffeine in the mornings, or do an early cultivation of those plants in the basement. Just saying.

  7. NoBody Knows the troubles I've seen. My f&%$@^%G computer cable provider is not up to speed. I have posted two (2) beautiful, yea verily perfict writings, no spellin' errors or nothin', and it would not go out, 'cause of 'Those People' DamnNation.
    So this is a test, it is only a test, if this were are real emergency, we would all be...whatevery.
    two (2) 2wo j*&^%$G days, i've be trying.
    more later

  8. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!


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